Screen Capturing How To Video

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Screen capturing as a genre Screen capturing is essential when you intend to demonstrate a new app, a software application or a tool that operates in the cloud. At MultiMediaMakers we are experts in this genre and we serve customers worldwide with high quality videos. This example was produced for Patrix in Sweden and it combines traditional screen capturing – basically just recording the screen while we demonstrate your app – and graphics. The magic is in the combination Attention is the big thing nowadays with online content. It’s one thing to put content online, and it’s another thing to … Read More

Web Video Production

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web video production

Web video production has become the centre of the video industry, because almost any type of content we produce, share or consume goes online. And that’s why MultiMediaMakers, since 2005, specialises in web video production tailored to this specific process. Did you know that the average attention span of online video changes every year? Research shows that it’s now under a minute for many “business-to-consumer” topics. If your web video production is aimed at a specific target group though, and it’s covering really relevant content, then having videos online that are up to 2 minutes in length, is still ok. … Read More

Real Estate videos that convert

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real estate videos

Real Estate Videos that convert are based on making the most of the viewer’s attention. We know that the audience of a real estate video has already made one decision: to click the play button. What that tells you is that they’re not totally indifferent to the concept of investing in real estate. More even, your brand has already hooked them up until this essential moment, during which they decided to spend even a few more seconds, maybe minutes, on your web page. That hard work – let’s be honest – is often the consequence of a good digital strategy … Read More

Video for Small Business

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video for small business

Video for small business has its own logic. When we tell the story of your small organisation, we make sure we fully understand what you are conveying to your target audience. We don’t expect you to rock up with a Hollywood-quality story-board and run sheet. This is part of our role, to help you fine-tune your visual messages in Pre-Production. This Hypnoquit video was designed around Christoffel Sneijders’ business, using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking. The main objective is to talk about the outcomes, and to make the audience familiar with their coach. By combining personality and reliability in … Read More

Social Media Campaign with Video

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A social media campaign with video has more impact. Research is telling us the same story for years, and yet, many organisations struggle finding the right link between their social media strategy and the use of video content. Social media campaign content Picture this. You’re using your index and thumb and scrolling through a social media feed while waiting for your kids to come out of school. How present are you? How focused are you to digest all this information? You’re possible switched on for about 25% when it’s about processing the information that comes to you in a feed. … Read More

Product Launch Video

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Product Launch Video: Back to the basics of web video Product launch video as a genre is not the same as an ad. Ads are designed to interrupt movies and shows on TV, and hammer in key messages, aimed at increasing sales. Their universe is mainly the broadcast media context, or they might be used as Youtube pre-roll videos. Product video, on the other hand, is a genre that has become more important thanks to the emergence of platforms like Kickstarter. You pitch your idea to a global group of potential investors and business partners and time is used in … Read More

Finbar: Real Estate Video

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Real Estate Video: a trending video production genre for the Perth market In Perth, and around Australia, we seem to have a thing with property. The Real Estate Industry is hugely important to our economy and that’s why it’s an industry that requires high quality marketing strategies. Until recently, real estate video was often treated as a commodity. Similar to the way photography was seen as a technical element for apps, real estate websites and billboards, many real estate agents were scanning the market to implement video. Simply because we all know video has impact. Real estate video done properly … Read More

History: 4 generations at Mercedes College

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videos for schools Perth

When we say we produce videos for schools, people in other industries often have a curious frown on their face. Yet, if you are a Marketing Director or a Business Development Manager in one of Perth’s many private Colleges, you will know that video is an essential tool to reach the community. Why we love our videos for schools At MultiMediaMakers we thrive on telling real stories about real people. It has often been said that film and video say so much more than static images, let alone than words. And as professional videographers, film makers and video production experts, … Read More

Digital Strategy for Schools

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Digital Strategy for Schools

When designing your digital strategy for a College or a School, you will bump into a jungle of services being presented as the be-all and end-all of marketing solutions. From our 20 odd years in Media, we have learnt that the simple power of film, movies, or video, doesn’t need a lot of words. Why is Digital Strategy a buzz word? At MultiMediaMakers we often pierce through the thin layer of varnish that sits on top of digital agencies’ solutions. Many customers buy complex and overpriced technology packages, where often it’s common sense that is needed. What are we showing … Read More