College Video for Penrhos College: The New Library

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College Video Perth

At MultiMediaMakers we are very passionate about the concept of the “college video”. It’s a concept that we introduced in Perth for our clients in the Education Industry. Schools and Colleges need authentic communication with their communities of students, families, staff, teachers, alumni, prospects, and the wider community.  So when we picked the ingredients for a typical college video, we used TV style journalism, to capture interview content that looks and sounds authentic. We added professional script writing, to align this editorial work with the overall marketing messages. And for our “college video” model we also use highly trained professionals … Read More

Documentary Young Onset Dementia

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documentary makers Perth Subicao

This corporate documentary we produced with Alzheimers WA is one of our favourite examples. The documentary shows that broadcast style genres work really well in a business-to-business context. The video makes professionals across Australia more aware of the specific needs for Alzheimers patients with young onset dementia. An awareness video like this one makes use of our in-house journalism skills. Our senior producers have worked in the TV and broadcast industry for decades and will create a doco linked to the relevant stories in your industry, combining storyboarding and the power of authentic interviewing. For your corporate documentary please contact … Read More

TV commercials Westcoast BMW

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We make TV Commercials in Perth

We are proud to offer an alternative, cost-effective approach for the production of your TVC or TV commercials in Perth. Our team consists of highly qualified, trained and enthusiastic in-house producers, who are very multi-skilled. This means we produce TV ads with a lean production process, still delivering top range quality, and allowing you to spend less on production and creative, and more on airtime. Get in touch to discuss your TV advertising campaign, the production of your ad and the creation of unique TV commercials that makes your business stand out on the Perth airwaves.

Recruitment Testimonial WA Health

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You’re probably aware of the power of “word of mouth”. One of the best boosters for sales processes is when others confirm the value you’re bringing, in their own words and with authentic energy. Harnessing that in video is a killer strategy to communicate with your website visitors. The energy of a testimonial helps to convince people that it’s a good idea to be in touch. This particular example is all about employer branding or recruitment marketing. In this case the video helps to guide visitors towards the call to action: it’s about them contacting the WA Department of Health … Read More

Company Video Hockey WA

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Hockey WA were initially after a pitch video for their sponsors. So that’s what we have created. And because we wanted the Hockey Federation to leverage on all the great footage we had shot (including aerial images), we produced a couple of variations on the theme. This example here is the “company profile video”, or their “corporate video” if you prefer. The video is built of a combination of great interview statements, recorded with members of the hockey community, and with players. Stay tuned for the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras. There’s also amazing aerial footage of the playgrounds and facilities, … Read More

NovaFM Casanova Events

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When you link your events to your Video Marketing, you get the best of both worlds. Creative footage captured on site allows you to share not just the facts, but also to add a feeling component. And, you get the benefits of digital, because the event summary can be shared, liked, published, and boost your brand online. This is one of the clips we did with Nova 93.7 Perth, promoting the benefits of having a Casanovas crew at your event. Event clips use dynamic filming styles, and an upbeat editing style like the one in this example. Getting inspired? Talk … Read More

BMW Pre-roll ads

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MultiMediaMakers and NovaFM 93.7 produced this feel good BMW ad for the Nova website starring Nova’s Breakfast Announcer Shaun McManus and …a beautiful BMW! Pre-roll ads Production for YouTube has become increasingly important for online marketing. The Pre-roll ads exist in their own little universe. They are added to popular YouTube content, and are less intrusive than traditional TV-advertising. The reason for that is that Pre-Roll Ads are targeted to a specific audience. Most agencies have understood that the best thing they can do for their customers is to work on consistent, efficient and affordable pre-roll video campaigns.  As one … Read More

Awareness Video Parkinson’s WA

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“Awareness Video” is a relatively new concept. Over the last 10 years, with online video becoming the dominating global media format, it has become increasingly important in Marketing and Communications. Our feelings are a great barometer when we are watching film and video. If there is no feeling, then we’re mainly just digesting information and we all know that as human beings we then get bored. So whether it’s TV news that you’re watching, or a documentary, or an ad…there’s always something happening in the “feeling” department. That’s why when you are on the other side, as a Business Executive … Read More

Happy Healthy Hoops

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Visual design, state-of-the-art camera work, energy driven directing…it’s all there in the Happy Healthy Hoops Video! Our producers thrive on energy and a good flow with you and your team when we produce your video, and this one certainly shows that. It’s often about creating good vibes, even while we bring in tons of expertise in regards to setting, using natural light, directing talent, framing actions, editing to music, and creating stunning artwork. When we publish videos like this one, we always wished it was our business:) Oh, and did we tell you we took up hoola hooping at the … Read More

West Coast Energy: HR Video

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Employer branding with HR video Video is a very effective tool for your Recruitment process. It allows you to package information, values, context, energy and emotion in a short, flexible tool. The video can be sent to new job candidates, or it can be included in your ad. When your employer branding is supported by a professional HR Video, you save time because the video will help filter the candidates. It will increase the amount of really suitable candidates because you can be really clear about who you are as a business. For West Coast Energy, we used a documentary … Read More