Screen Capturing How To Video

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Screen capturing as a genre Screen capturing is essential when you intend to demonstrate a new app, a software application or a tool that operates in the cloud. At MultiMediaMakers we are experts in this genre and we serve customers worldwide with high quality videos. This example was produced for Patrix in Sweden and it combines traditional screen capturing – basically just recording the screen while we demonstrate your app – and graphics. The magic is in the combination Attention is the big thing nowadays with online content. It’s one thing to put content online, and it’s another thing to … Read More

Animated videos for Cancer Council

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Animated videos work really well when it’s challenging for your organisation to show real footage. Sometimes real footage is too sensitive to be used in marketing content. Or you may find that you can’t show people in a video for privacy reasons. Whatever the reason, animated videos work well when you want to explain a service or a product without showing it. Animated Videos: why do they work so well? 1. Animated Videos attract the attention Here’s a test: switch on your computer or telly and show your kids an animated video for 5 seconds. Then switch it off. What … Read More

Dops: explainer video

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Explainer video production Perth

An explainer video is often the one format that can do your brand justice, when you are pitching a concept. All you get is 1 to 2 minutes of someone’s time. And the impact can be massive. They either want to know more and have an in-depth conversation. Or they don’t. Explainer videos come in all sorts and levels but here’s our main recommendation for anyone who represents a serious business organisation: consider the outcome, the Return on Investment you are after. Take a moment to reflect on what this video is going to do for you. Then decide if … Read More

BankVault: Animation with Footage

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The “animation with footage” format is giving you the best of both worlds: you get the benefits of an explainer video, because the animation shows a concept in action. And you get the benefits of video footage because you can make it more personal, and link it to the local context. For, we produced an animation with footage of the actual product demonstration. The animated sequence is all about explaining and clarifying the concept to a prospect. And the footage shows us this is a real business, not just a concept. Animations with footage have another big benefit: … Read More

Bradken: Explainer Video

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Explain, Convince and Sell When you’re pitching a system or a solution, you’re dealing with mixed audiences. Some of your viewers are technically trained and understand the bigger picture. Others – higher up in your prospect’s organisation – are just looking from their helicopter view and want to see the bottom line. Solution: Explainer Video! This Infographics Explainer Video creates the impact you’re after. Videos like this one combine simplified animations of the solution, with high-end overlay graphics summarising benefits. This format – unique in Perth and made by MultiMediaMakers – is known for its highly appreciated outcomes: from successful … Read More

Amcom: Animated Video

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For the Cisco Live Conference in Melbourne, Amcom chose to have us produce an animated video, to attract visitors to their massive and colourful exhibition booth. In general, 3 good reasons to choose animation are: 1. Appealing content An animation always attracts the attention. It’s visually compelling, conveys a simple and modern look, and it attracts people to stop and watch. 2. Muted audio If you want to avoid the problem of your booth staff going nuts, you can have an animation looping with muted audio. This is more challenging with a traditional corporate video and would require captions. Animation … Read More

Kinetic Typography WA Health

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Kinetic typography videos are real multi-media stories. Copy, images and music work together to tell the story. You’ll often hear them being referred to as “motion typography”, and it’s a great format for business videos because they give you control and freedom to get your message across. Some of these typography videos will have a powerful mix of well scripted copy or keywords, animated icons and imagery, so the story is shared by touching different parts of our brain. So when do you use this format? Kinetic typography is being used in numerous industries and for a variety of reasons. … Read More

Infographic Report Video

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When you’re part of an organisation, a company or a not for profit, you’ll be familiar with annual reports, communicating the key accomplishments and data to stakeholders, sponsors, staff, volunteers and board members. And you’ll also know that the time and energy spent on these documents rarely leads to any impact. Organisations who want this hard work to create some lasting impact are now communicating annual results through an infographic video. When done right, explainer videos help your organisation communicate better. And they engage at a deeper level with your stakeholders. So what do we mean by doing it right? … Read More

iiNet Microsoft Lync: marketing video

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When iiNet and Microsoft partnered to bring their professional videoconferencing, voip and screensharing solution “Lync” to the Australian market, they chose MultiMediaMakers to produce a punchy video animation that introduces the technology. Introducing technology often comes with interesting choices: do we show the interfaces and hardware, knowing that they might change with the next upgrade? Or do we use a more generic visual language, so the video still explains the solution when the interface or device is replaced down the track? MultiMediaMakers worked together closely with the iiNet team to produce a fresh, clear and compelling explainer video to launch … Read More