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We work with leading brands in Perth and all over the world. Here are a few examples:

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Over 55 years of combined media experience,
We specialise in Corporate Video Production, Animations & Explainer Videos.
Without the BS.

Corporate Video Production

We tell your company’s story. We create awareness. Or we train your people. Whatever your objectives, we deliver results.


We’re Perth’s leading motion graphics and video designers.
Discover how we can help you position your brand.

Our Customers


Government Organisations, Charities, Not-For-Profits, Hospitals, Medical Professionals and Pharma.


Mining, Logistics Companies, Oil and Gas, Cleaning Companies, Telecom, Car Dealers, Radio Stations. You name it.


Schools. Colleges and Universities. We know them better than back in the days we were attending them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A million dollars. No, not really. We can’t answer that question without knowing what you’re after. It costs real money to make quality videos and animations. And when made well with an eye for precision and return on investment, you will get your money back multiple times. Not satisfied with this answer? Sure. Keep reading.

Sure. Tell us your budget. We will be able to tell you straight away if we can help you or not. Just bear in mind that we’re not after bags full of cash. Nor do we want to make crap videos. So if you’re serious, think about the value you’ll get from a quality video. If done well, you should get a great return on investment. If your budget is really small, we’d recommend you not to make a video rather than making a crap video.

No. You or one of your team members are co-producers. We partner with you. We’ll get to know you as if we were on your payroll. We cannot make a quality video or animation if we don’t know you. We’re a bunch of very self-reliant people and will make your life very easy (so don’t worry!) but we want you to be available during all production phases.

A lot. But nothing to worry about. All steps-from the very first chat to delivery-are described here.

Getting views -and preferably lots of them – is part of a video strategy. It’s a requirement you better think of in pre-production, not when your video is finished and ready to be published. MultiMediaMakers is a full service agency which means we make videos and build strategies. At our first meet-up you’ll soon know how this all ties in together.

If you want to reach as many people as possible you will need a plan. Even if you don’t want to reach the whole world, but only a small section of your niche audience, you will need a strategy. MultiMediaMakers can assist you with implementation plans to reach a maximum return on investment and that sets us apart as a leading video content agency.

It depends on the project. How complex is the process that we’re filming or animating? It also depends on you and your availability. For example: if it takes your organisation 3 weeks to decide on a storyboard, it will take at least 4 weeks to produce a video.

No. There’s a simple reason for that: we can’t guarantee a quality video if we haven’t been involved in producing the footage. Shooting quality images is a profession – and often an art. We can’t make a video that meets our quality standards when the footage quality is bad.
Yes. You can cancel your shoot (or the start of a production) without cancelation fee if you let us know at least 5 business days before the work has been scheduled in. If you cancel let’s say -3 days before the big day -there will be a cancellation fee. Why? We take every production seriously and when we say ‘yes’ to yours, it means we say ‘no’ to others. It would be unfair to not be compensated for the amount of time we had scheduled in for your project.

Who We Are

Our Process

It’s more than hitting ‘REC’. Let us show you the journey from A to Z. No worries. We have it all under control.

Our Values

Our agency is built on 4 core values. We use them as a compass for ourselves and for our customers.

Our Team

Our customers often really love working with us. No joking. We seem to be very personable, they say.

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