Videos for the web: 5 basic rules

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videos for the web

Videos for the web have been part of our business reality for more than a decade now, and yet, many Australian businesses still seem caught up in the phase labeled as “we should do video”. That makes sense because only now do we see Digital Marketing slowly becoming part of the academic curriculum in our Universities. Maybe your beyond the “we should” phase already, and then these 5 basic rules for web videos will come in very handy. 1) Videos for the web: Keep them short and sweet When asking for a quote, and considering a short…5 minute video, please … Read More

Video Suppliers: the ultimate checklist to choose and use them wisely

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video suppliers perth

Video Suppliers cover a whole range, from the talented DSLR owner working on school projects…all the way to the experienced cinematographer with 25 years experience. In between, videographers specialise in pure framing, light, journalism, speed, drone footage, sports coverage, documentary or fiction. On top of that, there’s personalities, attitudes and styles. So how do you, as a Marketing Director, make the right choice? Why I believe video suppliers is not even the right term A supplier, or a vendor, as some of the large corporates call anyone who does work for them, delivers a one-way movement of products or services. … Read More

Online advertising and why it shouldn’t feel like advertising.

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online advertising

Online advertising, while becoming more important for local business, needs a fresh approach and can’t just use the formats TV stations use, to interrupt their shows and sell products. That’s because when we search for information, we didn’t ask to be bombarded with sales messages. We wanted valuable, reliable information to come up after a Google search. So rather than creating online advertising content that looks like a TVC, consider these miracle ingredients for your next online video: Information First Imagine yourself in the other seat. You’re searching for content. So rather than an ad, you’d watch an unbiased video … Read More

Business podcasts: the secret marketing weapon

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business podcasts

Are you looking for the ultimate way to build rapport with your prospects? The reason you should look into audio or video podcasts is simple: they build rapport. Tone of voice, body language, a lot has been said about it and it boils down to showing your true self, rather than words written by your copywriter. Whatever industry you’re in, would you agree that having a way to simply talk to your prospects, is worth inspecting? That’s exactly why podcasts work. You talk to them instead of expecting them to analyse your website. Yes, more than a thousand words, the … Read More

Pitch video: Australian Success Story in Silicon Valley

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A pitch video is a very special genre. Unlike a traditional marketing video, you’re looking at a very small window of opportunity. A select group of people makes a couple of very important decisions after having spent 1.5 to 2 minutes watching your video. We’ll take you through those very important milestone moments, but let’s first watch this example. The Bankvault video just supported Perth based Bankvault Founder Graeme Speak, on his Silicon Valley Tour. BankVault has won its category at the World Cup Tech Challenge in Silicon Valley, beating a range of start-ups from around the world. This is … Read More

Induction Videos: Ideas. Stories. Impact.

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induction video production

Induction Videos are a key asset for your HR team to tell the same story to new staff over and over again without having to set up a real-time presentation with your key managers. In other words: the comfort of just hitting the play button is one of the biggest advantages of using video for your staff inductions. But there’s more: 1. Ideas: Induction Videos don’t have to be boring. When an induction video is all about motivating and inspiring your newly hired staff member, you might want to have a video produced that really touches the hearts. Or, to … Read More

3 hats every business owner should wear

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entrepreneur Perth

Doing what we do we get to know a lot of Perth based business owners. So along that journey we managed to pick up a whole bunch of insights on what businesses lack, in order to be successful. And funnily enough it’s often totally unrelated to the lack of videos on their website:) What we often feel, observe and bump into, are business challenges caused by attitude. As a business owner, it’s essential to face and handle these “right brain” challenges and to make firm decisions to move forward. Apart from working with hundreds of organisations we also experienced a … Read More