Product Launch Video

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Product Launch Video: Back to the basics of web video Product launch video as a genre is not the same as an ad. Ads are designed to interrupt movies and shows on TV, and hammer in key messages, aimed at increasing sales. Their universe is mainly the broadcast media context, or they might be used as Youtube pre-roll videos. Product video, on the other hand, is a genre that has become more important thanks to the emergence of platforms like Kickstarter. You pitch your idea to a global group of potential investors and business partners and time is used in … Read More

Finbar: Real Estate Video

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Real Estate Video: a trending video production genre for the Perth market In Perth, and around Australia, we seem to have a thing with property. The Real Estate Industry is hugely important to our economy and that’s why it’s an industry that requires high quality marketing strategies. Until recently, real estate video was often treated as a commodity. Similar to the way photography was seen as a technical element for apps, real estate websites and billboards, many real estate agents were scanning the market to implement video. Simply because we all know video has impact. Real estate video done properly … Read More

Promotional Video LinkPADD: animated graphics

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promotional video Perth

What makes a promotional video stand out? We believe it’s a combination of creative and well produced footage, edited in a smart way, combined with stylish animated graphics. This promotional video is for LinkPADD, and frankly, it’s a tool every business should use. The video combines the two major building blocks: footage with “animation style graphics”. It’s a perfect way to visualise your concept and to give your product or service a compelling identity. Promotional video integrating 2 styles A promotional video integrating real footage and motion graphics is the perfect format to simplify complex stories. When we had our … Read More

Don’t Wait For The News. Be The News.

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The Mining, Haulage and Transport leader Catalano, based in Hazelmere, has positioned itself as a pioneer in various ways. Their corporate culture, for starters, focuses on people, and they are really walking the talk. Their proactive policies on alertness and fatigue management are second to none. And now they have taken their positioning to a whole new level by telling their story to the rest of the industry decision makers. The Story The story they wanted to convey in a video is about their use of Smartcap technology to monitor the alertness level of drivers. Real data, and attention for … Read More

BankVault: Animation with Footage

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The “animation with footage” format is giving you the best of both worlds: you get the benefits of an explainer video, because the animation shows a concept in action. And you get the benefits of video footage because you can make it more personal, and link it to the local context. For, we produced an animation with footage of the actual product demonstration. The animated sequence is all about explaining and clarifying the concept to a prospect. And the footage shows us this is a real business, not just a concept. Animations with footage have another big benefit: … Read More

PWHG: training videos | Trailer

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training videos perth

Health Training Videos are essential in todays OH&S training package. Training videos not only give you the full flexibility of online learning, they also save time and energy and help you save money on training sessions. With the PWHG Training Videos we assisted DP World and Port Of Fremantle to implement a safety culture around posture and safety while using the various large port vehicles and cranes during a normal shift in the port. The training videos combine demonstrations of everyday situations, health advice and best practices linked to posture, nutrition and overall wellbeing. When we produce training videos we … Read More

TV commercials Westcoast BMW

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We make TV Commercials in Perth

We are proud to offer an alternative, cost-effective approach for the production of your TVC or TV commercials in Perth. Our team consists of highly qualified, trained and enthusiastic in-house producers, who are very multi-skilled. This means we produce TV ads with a lean production process, still delivering top range quality, and allowing you to spend less on production and creative, and more on airtime. Get in touch to discuss your TV advertising campaign, the production of your ad and the creation of unique TV commercials that makes your business stand out on the Perth airwaves.

Company Video Hockey WA

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Hockey WA were initially after a pitch video for their sponsors. So that’s what we have created. And because we wanted the Hockey Federation to leverage on all the great footage we had shot (including aerial images), we produced a couple of variations on the theme. This example here is the “company profile video”, or their “corporate video” if you prefer. The video is built of a combination of great interview statements, recorded with members of the hockey community, and with players. Stay tuned for the Hockeyroos and the Kookaburras. There’s also amazing aerial footage of the playgrounds and facilities, … Read More

NovaFM Casanova Events

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When you link your events to your Video Marketing, you get the best of both worlds. Creative footage captured on site allows you to share not just the facts, but also to add a feeling component. And, you get the benefits of digital, because the event summary can be shared, liked, published, and boost your brand online. This is one of the clips we did with Nova 93.7 Perth, promoting the benefits of having a Casanovas crew at your event. Event clips use dynamic filming styles, and an upbeat editing style like the one in this example. Getting inspired? Talk … Read More