Web Video Production

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web video production

Web video production has become the centre of the video industry, because almost any type of content we produce, share or consume goes online. And that’s why MultiMediaMakers, since 2005, specialises in web video production tailored to this specific process. Did you know that the average attention span of online video changes every year? Research shows that it’s now under a minute for many “business-to-consumer” topics. If your web video production is aimed at a specific target group though, and it’s covering really relevant content, then having videos online that are up to 2 minutes in length, is still ok. … Read More

West Coast Energy: HR Video

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Employer branding with HR video Video is a very effective tool for your Recruitment process. It allows you to package information, values, context, energy and emotion in a short, flexible tool. The video can be sent to new job candidates, or it can be included in your ad. When your employer branding is supported by a professional HR Video, you save time because the video will help filter the candidates. It will increase the amount of really suitable candidates because you can be really clear about who you are as a business. For West Coast Energy, we used a documentary … Read More

Virgin Australia Event Video

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When Sir Richard Branson landed in Perth to introduce the VirginAustralia take-over of SkyWest, it was MultiMediaMakers who were asked to capture the arrival and press conference for the VirginAustralia Newsroom. Documentary style footage was then wrapped in a short punchy event video that went viral on VirginAustralia’s social media outlets the same day. Inspired by this example? Get in touch and request a meeting with the team.