Screen Capturing How To Video

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Screen capturing as a genre Screen capturing is essential when you intend to demonstrate a new app, a software application or a tool that operates in the cloud. At MultiMediaMakers we are experts in this genre and we serve customers worldwide with high quality videos. This example was produced for Patrix in Sweden and it combines traditional screen capturing – basically just recording the screen while we demonstrate your app – and graphics. The magic is in the combination Attention is the big thing nowadays with online content. It’s one thing to put content online, and it’s another thing to … Read More

Web Video Production

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web video production

Web video production has become the centre of the video industry, because almost any type of content we produce, share or consume goes online. And that’s why MultiMediaMakers, since 2005, specialises in web video production tailored to this specific process. Did you know that the average attention span of online video changes every year? Research shows that it’s now under a minute for many “business-to-consumer” topics. If your web video production is aimed at a specific target group though, and it’s covering really relevant content, then having videos online that are up to 2 minutes in length, is still ok. … Read More

Video for Small Business

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video for small business

Video for small business has its own logic. When we tell the story of your small organisation, we make sure we fully understand what you are conveying to your target audience. We don’t expect you to rock up with a Hollywood-quality story-board and run sheet. This is part of our role, to help you fine-tune your visual messages in Pre-Production. This Hypnoquit video was designed around Christoffel Sneijders’ business, using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking. The main objective is to talk about the outcomes, and to make the audience familiar with their coach. By combining personality and reliability in … Read More