Video Suppliers: the ultimate checklist to choose and use them wisely

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Video Suppliers cover a whole range, from the talented DSLR owner working on school projects…all the way to the experienced cinematographer with 25 years experience. In between, videographers specialise in pure framing, light, journalism, speed, drone footage, sports coverage, documentary or fiction. On top of that, there’s personalities, attitudes and styles. So how do you, as a Marketing Director, make the right choice? Why I believe video suppliers is not even the right term A supplier, or a vendor, as some of the large corporates call anyone who does work for them, delivers a one-way movement of products or services. … Read More

Induction Videos: Ideas. Stories. Impact.

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Induction Videos are a key asset for your HR team to tell the same story to new staff over and over again without having to set up a real-time presentation with your key managers. In other words: the comfort of just hitting the play button is one of the biggest advantages of using video for your staff inductions. But there’s more: 1. Ideas: Induction Videos don’t have to be boring. When an induction video is all about motivating and inspiring your newly hired staff member, you might want to have a video produced that really touches the hearts. Or, to … Read More