Web Video Production

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web video production

Web video production has become the centre of the video industry, because almost any type of content we produce, share or consume goes online. And that’s why MultiMediaMakers, since 2005, specialises in web video production tailored to this specific process. Did you know that the average attention span of online video changes every year? Research shows that it’s now under a minute for many “business-to-consumer” topics. If your web video production is aimed at a specific target group though, and it’s covering really relevant content, then having videos online that are up to 2 minutes in length, is still ok. … Read More

Video for Small Business

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video for small business

Video for small business has its own logic. When we tell the story of your small organisation, we make sure we fully understand what you are conveying to your target audience. We don’t expect you to rock up with a Hollywood-quality story-board and run sheet. This is part of our role, to help you fine-tune your visual messages in Pre-Production. This Hypnoquit video was designed around Christoffel Sneijders’ business, using hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking. The main objective is to talk about the outcomes, and to make the audience familiar with their coach. By combining personality and reliability in … Read More

Don’t Wait For The News. Be The News.

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The Mining, Haulage and Transport leader Catalano, based in Hazelmere, has positioned itself as a pioneer in various ways. Their corporate culture, for starters, focuses on people, and they are really walking the talk. Their proactive policies on alertness and fatigue management are second to none. And now they have taken their positioning to a whole new level by telling their story to the rest of the industry decision makers. The Story The story they wanted to convey in a video is about their use of Smartcap technology to monitor the alertness level of drivers. Real data, and attention for … Read More

St John Ambulance: Voxpop Interviews

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voxpop interviews Perth

Voxpop Interviews are a classic TV format. “Vox Populi”, or the voice of the people as the old latin expression calls it, are a technique to capture and collect short snippets representing the voice of the people in a media context. When used wisely, this format gives you really fresh and journalistic content that stays away from traditional marketing spin and corporate speak. Voxpop interviews can bring you that extra bit of credibility because the video is produced away from your corporate boardrooms, close to the people, your target audience. It’s a proven format, used in broadcast and available for … Read More

When Corporate Videos become Documentaries

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When you are communicating in the Health Industry, your story is very different to traditional advertising. So how can you reach your target audience with corporate videos that inspire credibility? The answer lies in the use of a well-known format, re-packaged and used for corporate communication: the documentary. When Avita Medical, with Head Offices in the USA, the UK and Australia, asked us to tell the story of their Re-Cell Technology with Professor Fiona Wood at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, we combined journalism and “marketing video” techniques. The result is a highly effective video giving you the facts, testimonials … Read More

PWHG: training videos | Trailer

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training videos perth

Health Training Videos are essential in todays OH&S training package. Training videos not only give you the full flexibility of online learning, they also save time and energy and help you save money on training sessions. With the PWHG Training Videos we assisted DP World and Port Of Fremantle to implement a safety culture around posture and safety while using the various large port vehicles and cranes during a normal shift in the port. The training videos combine demonstrations of everyday situations, health advice and best practices linked to posture, nutrition and overall wellbeing. When we produce training videos we … Read More

Documentary Young Onset Dementia

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documentary makers Perth Subicao

This corporate documentary we produced with Alzheimers WA is one of our favourite examples. The documentary shows that broadcast style genres work really well in a business-to-business context. The video makes professionals across Australia more aware of the specific needs for Alzheimers patients with young onset dementia. An awareness video like this one makes use of our in-house journalism skills. Our senior producers have worked in the TV and broadcast industry for decades and will create a doco linked to the relevant stories in your industry, combining storyboarding and the power of authentic interviewing. For your corporate documentary please contact … Read More

Recruitment Testimonial WA Health

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You’re probably aware of the power of “word of mouth”. One of the best boosters for sales processes is when others confirm the value you’re bringing, in their own words and with authentic energy. Harnessing that in video is a killer strategy to communicate with your website visitors. The energy of a testimonial helps to convince people that it’s a good idea to be in touch. This particular example is all about employer branding or recruitment marketing. In this case the video helps to guide visitors towards the call to action: it’s about them contacting the WA Department of Health … Read More

Awareness Video Parkinson’s WA

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“Awareness Video” is a relatively new concept. Over the last 10 years, with online video becoming the dominating global media format, it has become increasingly important in Marketing and Communications. Our feelings are a great barometer when we are watching film and video. If there is no feeling, then we’re mainly just digesting information and we all know that as human beings we then get bored. So whether it’s TV news that you’re watching, or a documentary, or an ad…there’s always something happening in the “feeling” department. That’s why when you are on the other side, as a Business Executive … Read More

Happy Healthy Hoops

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Visual design, state-of-the-art camera work, energy driven directing…it’s all there in the Happy Healthy Hoops Video! Our producers thrive on energy and a good flow with you and your team when we produce your video, and this one certainly shows that. It’s often about creating good vibes, even while we bring in tons of expertise in regards to setting, using natural light, directing talent, framing actions, editing to music, and creating stunning artwork. When we publish videos like this one, we always wished it was our business:) Oh, and did we tell you we took up hoola hooping at the … Read More