Social Media Campaign with Video

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A social media campaign with video has more impact. Research is telling us the same story for years, and yet, many organisations struggle finding the right link between their social media strategy and the use of video content. Social media campaign content Picture this. You’re using your index and thumb and scrolling through a social media feed while waiting for your kids to come out of school. How present are you? How focused are you to digest all this information? You’re possible switched on for about 25% when it’s about processing the information that comes to you in a feed. … Read More

History: 4 generations at Mercedes College

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videos for schools Perth

When we say we produce videos for schools, people in other industries often have a curious frown on their face. Yet, if you are a Marketing Director or a Business Development Manager in one of Perth’s many private Colleges, you will know that video is an essential tool to reach the community. Why we love our videos for schools At MultiMediaMakers we thrive on telling real stories about real people. It has often been said that film and video say so much more than static images, let alone than words. And as professional videographers, film makers and video production experts, … Read More

Digital Strategy for Schools

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Digital Strategy for Schools

When designing your digital strategy for a College or a School, you will bump into a jungle of services being presented as the be-all and end-all of marketing solutions. From our 20 odd years in Media, we have learnt that the simple power of film, movies, or video, doesn’t need a lot of words. Why is Digital Strategy a buzz word? At MultiMediaMakers we often pierce through the thin layer of varnish that sits on top of digital agencies’ solutions. Many customers buy complex and overpriced technology packages, where often it’s common sense that is needed. What are we showing … Read More

Marketing For Schools

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Marketing For Schools Perth College

Marketing for Schools has become one of our niche activities since 2010, when we started applying the logic of TV news to school videos. Schools being the communities that they are, always have a supply of fresh stories, and an audience who is receptive and willing to be informed. So we brought together marketing for schools, and formats like TV news and documentary. We applied over 25 years of media experience to create unique short videos that help Marketing Teams in school position their brand. The uniqueness of a brand often requires a fair bit of consultancy and strategy, before … Read More

Penrhos College: STEM Program

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stem program Perth

STEM is the acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and is a priority area at Penrhos. That’s why we made a documentary about it. In this video we showcase the importance of the STEM Program for the College. When the customer told us about the importance of the Penrhos College Stem Program, it was obvious that this story was of great value to prospect parents. When you choose a College for your daughter, you would probably want to know about a programme that excels in scientific topics. The traditional approach to corporate video wouldn’t work, because it’s all about … Read More

Anglican Schools Commission: Photo Montage

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Sometimes video is not to be taken too literally. Of course we’re keen to produce moving images whenever possible. Sometimes the best option is to turn high quality stills into a video. This example of a photo montage shows how we can convert your existing photos into a really powerful high impact video. We are still applying some of the skills that we use for our high-end productions. Like the story-board, outlining what key messages we want to integrate. As you can see it’s about using very little words to get ideas across. The biggest pitfall here is to think … Read More

ECU Testimonial videos

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Testimonial videos are a great investment for any organisation that wants to boost credibility. In this day and age it’s the digital version of word-of-mouth. What you do is simply capturing and amplifying the story of a good client. It’s important to know why you want testimonial videos, before you start looking into how you can get them produced. The pitfall is, to only focus on it as a commodity. Because your competitor has one. Because your marketing guru told you to. We believe it’s best to fully understand what a testimonial video actually does for your business, before you … Read More

College Video for Penrhos College: The New Library

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College Video Perth

At MultiMediaMakers we are very passionate about the concept of the “college video”. It’s a concept that we introduced in Perth for our clients in the Education Industry. Schools and Colleges need authentic communication with their communities of students, families, staff, teachers, alumni, prospects, and the wider community.  So when we picked the ingredients for a typical college video, we used TV style journalism, to capture interview content that looks and sounds authentic. We added professional script writing, to align this editorial work with the overall marketing messages. And for our “college video” model we also use highly trained professionals … Read More

Penrhos: Boarding House video

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boarding house video

With so many WA families living in remote areas, a Boarding House video is the perfect way for future parents to get to know your staff, amenities, and other boarders. We followed a day in the life of a Penrhos College Boarder, and listened to her personal experiences about how the college provides the girls with a home away from home.

Big Shave video

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big shave video Perth

Hundreds of cheering girls looked on as Perth College principal Jenny Ethell made good on a pledge to have her head shaved. Ms Ethell agreed to join Year 11 boarder Georgia Roberts for the World’s Greatest Shave if Georgia could raise at least $20,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation. To Georgia’s surprise, she easily raised enough, finishing with more than $28,000. Inspired by Perth College’s big shave video? Get in touch and request a meeting with the team.