Video Suppliers: the ultimate checklist to choose and use them wisely

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video suppliers perth

Video Suppliers cover a whole range, from the talented DSLR owner working on school projects…all the way to the experienced cinematographer with 25 years experience. In between, videographers specialise in pure framing, light, journalism, speed, drone footage, sports coverage, documentary or fiction. On top of that, there’s personalities, attitudes and styles. So how do you, as a Marketing Director, make the right choice? Why I believe video suppliers is not even the right term A supplier, or a vendor, as some of the large corporates call anyone who does work for them, delivers a one-way movement of products or services. … Read More

Online advertising and why it shouldn’t feel like advertising.

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online advertising

Online advertising, while becoming more important for local business, needs a fresh approach and can’t just use the formats TV stations use, to interrupt their shows and sell products. That’s because when we search for information, we didn’t ask to be bombarded with sales messages. We wanted valuable, reliable information to come up after a Google search. So rather than creating online advertising content that looks like a TVC, consider these miracle ingredients for your next online video: Information First Imagine yourself in the other seat. You’re searching for content. So rather than an ad, you’d watch an unbiased video … Read More

Action Video Clips

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Production of Action Video Clips Perth

Action video clips are a very effective tool to get your message across. Sometimes the smart edit of video footage creates a much bigger impact than traditional corporate videos. That’s because as consumers of film, media content and video, we are used to seeing professional work on a daily basis. Consider the use of action video clips for your online marketing When you start putting together a plan for your online presence, video is a pivotal component. Not having content on YouTube means you may be missing out on conversations, on leads and valuable business deals. So when you first … Read More