Video Strategies to Grow Your Business

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Video strategies or how to use video for growth Video strategies are everywhere now. And whatever the nature of your business, if you look at your competitors, you’ll see that the consistent use of videos in their online communication, may give them an advantage. In this article I want to share 3 video strategies that work really well, and that create stunning results in the digital space. So whether you’re a one-man-band, a family business or a small business with a few dozen team members, it’s important to be fully aware of how video is the dominating communication tool online. … Read More

Videos for the web: 5 basic rules

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videos for the web

Videos for the web have been part of our business reality for more than a decade now, and yet, many Australian businesses still seem caught up in the phase labeled as “we should do video”. That makes sense because only now do we see Digital Marketing slowly becoming part of the academic curriculum in our Universities. Maybe your beyond the “we should” phase already, and then these 5 basic rules for web videos will come in very handy. 1) Videos for the web: Keep them short and sweet When asking for a quote, and considering a short…5 minute video, please … Read More

Business podcasts: the secret marketing weapon

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business podcasts

Are you looking for the ultimate way to build rapport with your prospects? The reason you should look into audio or video podcasts is simple: they build rapport. Tone of voice, body language, a lot has been said about it and it boils down to showing your true self, rather than words written by your copywriter. Whatever industry you’re in, would you agree that having a way to simply talk to your prospects, is worth inspecting? That’s exactly why podcasts work. You talk to them instead of expecting them to analyse your website. Yes, more than a thousand words, the … Read More

Video Marketing: Increase your conversions by 80%

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video marketing Perth

Video marketing really works! At the end of this article we’re giving you a unique opportunity: our End Of Financial Year Promo, allowing you to start the new financial year with more turnover, clients, students, patients or members (depending on the nature of your organisation).   First, let’s look at some straightforward research on Video Marketing 1. Companies using video marketing get 41% more web traffic from Google searches than businesses without video The video on YouTube is spotted as relevant and useful content. So any page with a video on it is seen as more likely to be relevant … Read More

5 reasons why nobody is watching your video content

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You have made a video, or had it made by a production company, and then you have published it to YouTube. But nobody is watching it… Does that sound familiar? Here are 5 common reasons why videos never reach any significant audience: 1. Where is your video? If you want people to watch your video, don’t hide it somewhere deep inside your website. When it’s on the front page, and then appears in a footer or a sidebar on any other page, there’s a much bigger chance of it being watched. Show it, don’t hide it. 2. No clicks on … Read More

How to optimise video for search engines?

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When you’re in Marketing or Management, you would probably know how essential SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is for your website. The same goes for video optimisation. If you want your videos to show up nicely in Google search results, there are a couple of tricks you can apply. The result: your video will be found and it will be shown with a nice, fancy thumbnail. Here are 6 tricks to optimise video for the search engines. 1. File name When saving your video, choose a keyword friendly file name. Let’s say you’re a juice bar in Perth. Save your … Read More