Video Suppliers: the ultimate checklist to choose and use them wisely

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Video Suppliers cover a whole range, from the talented DSLR owner working on school projects…all the way to the experienced cinematographer with 25 years experience. In between, videographers specialise in pure framing, light, journalism, speed, drone footage, sports coverage, documentary or fiction. On top of that, there’s personalities, attitudes and styles. So how do you, as a Marketing Director, make the right choice? Why I believe video suppliers is not even the right term A supplier, or a vendor, as some of the large corporates call anyone who does work for them, delivers a one-way movement of products or services. … Read More

Explainer Video Production: Pitfalls and Howtos

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explainer video production perth

Explainer Video production has become an essential part of the video production industry. Short 1 to 2 minute videos you can use on your website and social media, have acquired their position in the ‘marketing toolbox. Explainer videos can be fully animated, or semi-animated (also called hybrid videos), using some real footage in combination with the animated graphics. Explainer Video Production: The 3 common pitfalls 1. Looking at the whole process as a technical thing The pitfall commonly occurring in large organisations. A video for the website falls under IT because it will go on the website. This is when … Read More

Explainer Videos Explained.

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  If you happen to be launching your own product, your own small business or brand, then you may have had a few conversations on the topic of animated videos, infographics or explainer videos. Some prefer to call them kickstarter videos, or pitch videos. And quite often we’re talking about the same thing. Obviously you want a video that is worth sharing. A video that creates impact with your target audience surely. And, in an ideal world, an affordable production that boosts your brand presence and gives your brand an identity. Now the next element that becomes part of the … Read More