Marketing Videos That Don’t Look Like Marketing Videos

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Marketing For Schools Perth College

Is your team clear on what your marketing videos should look like? And are you clear on the difference between a TV commercial, a YouTube pre-roll ad, a promo video and an awareness video? At MultiMediaMakers we love to educate our clients on the correct use of video genres for the right purpose. Why Marketing Videos Are Often Boring The main reason why marketing videos are boring is the “me” component. When your video is all about you, and not about your target audience, they disconnect. Let’s say your organisation is a College. It would be tempting to copy/paste your … Read More

Making Corporate Videos Less Corporate. Excuse me?

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Corporate Video Production Perth

  While we were having champas over our new tag line you may have frowned for a split second. For once we won’t explain it with a video. What’s wrong with corporate videos? Haha! We would be in the wrong place to criticise corporate videos, wouldn’t we? Over the last 5 years we have enjoyed adding a new flavour to the world of showreels and old school corporate movies. Simply by throwing in our TV and news background, and by adding some new touches to the idea of a business video. So there’s nothing wrong with a corporate video. It’s … Read More

Aerial Footage Production Perth

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aerial footage production perth

Aerial footage production can increase the impact of your corporate video simply because it adds perspective. The bird’s eye view we get from a drone or a helicopter often adds drama and value. Don’t overestimate aerial footage production Quite often aerial imagery is seen as a nice-to-have extra. Because you can. Having produced hundreds of videos with and without aerial vision, I’d say it only deserves to be your priority in a few particular situations. When your content specifically talks about the overview, the view from the air. When your content is linked to geography, the bigger picture and situating … Read More

Education Marketing

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education marketing perth

Education Marketing is very different to other types of marketing, because of the strong emotional attachment we have when it’s about our kids. As a parent you don’t pick a school for your son or daughter with the same level of consideration you would apply to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. With that in mind, Marketing Directors in private or public schools know that you need a special approach for your education Marketing Campaigns. Why we chose to specialise in video for Education Marketing At MultiMediaMakers Perth, we build on over 20 years in broadcast journalism. And that makes us … Read More