3 hats every business owner should wear

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Doing what we do we get to know a lot of Perth based business owners. So along that journey we managed to pick up a whole bunch of insights on what businesses lack, in order to be successful. And funnily enough it’s often totally unrelated to the lack of videos on their website:) What we often feel, observe and bump into, are business challenges caused by attitude. As a business owner, it’s essential to face and handle these “right brain” challenges and to make firm decisions to move forward. Apart from working with hundreds of organisations we also experienced a … Read More

How to write a great YouTube video title?

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How to write a great YouTube title?

Writing a YouTube video title is basically the first thing you do after uploading a video. Just like a great newspaper title, your YouTube video title needs to be attractive to your viewers. So what is a great title?

Video email: don’t embed video in your email

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Sending and receiving video email seems like a simple and a pretty good idea, right? You may be tempted to think that embedding a video in an email is the next great idea. This is why, from a marketing perspective, we believe it’s not. Views? Or shares? When you go through great lengths to produce a video that tells your important story, you probably hope for a large audience. In your mind’s eye, the whole universe watches and shares your video and overnight, thousands of people get inspired by your video. In the back of your mind you also wonder … Read More

Marketing Video Production 2.0

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What makes a good marketing video production? We can’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer and video producers who pretend they can might be taking a little risk. The answer is different for every business. A good marketing video production brings out something unique, and therefore can’t be cloned, templates or copied. All Right. Show Me The Goods. This marketing video is one of our favourites because…it’s them. When we watch this video, it really shows our customer just the way we got to know them. Giving you and your brand that unique voice, using the full spectrum of video to … Read More

5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming

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With these 5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming you’ll learn to shoot like a semi-pro. 1. Hold the camera horizontally Fair enough, you hold your mobile in portrait mode to text, share, read or email. Please remember that our desktop computers and TVs are 16:9 and are in landscape mode. So…always hold your device horizontally like a pro. 2. Use both hands to hold your smartphone Shaky footage distracts the attention from the topic. And even though most devices have a stabiliser, we recommend you use both hands. It will make the footage slightly more stable. To get perfectly … Read More

Perth Corporate Video Makers Awarded Nr 4 in the World

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Wow, last week we had the pleasure to celebrate our fifth anniversary as a business in Australia. It was a perfect moment to reflect on our achievements, together with customers and friends. We awarded five customers and friends for the important part they had played in our launch story. Some of them weren’t even aware of that key role. Like our friend Jamie, to recommended us to join a group of likeminded e-entrepreneurs in Perth. These simple words of advice helped us take the right action to create a video production company in Perth. And today again we have been … Read More

Penrhos: School Documentary

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The “school documentary” genre has grown into a mature component of any type of Education Marketing, since MultiMediaMakers Australia introduced the concept, based on television genres and marketing messages. What a school documentary does is populating your school’s YouTube and social media channels with professional content rather than user generated content. Marketing the unique qualities of your School is a very balanced exercise. It’s still Marketing, and we all know we do a better job if we can stay clear of the “Me Too- We’re The Best” type of messages you come across in mass media. This is where a … Read More

The One-Shot-Video: 5 Tips to Surprise with Video

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Sometimes your video challenge is just that little bit different and then we thrive on making it work for you. Take this example, when a group of students was asked to come up with a one-shot video, for an assessment. What was being tested on their end was their ability to work together, to coordinate and to be creative with a small budget. We love the end result because it brings out the enthusiasm and energy of the group and the format would work really well to spice up an event or a function. In case you are presented with … Read More

How to choose an Explainer Video company?

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So you’re after an explainer video, to promote your services or products? You may find it challenging to identify the best company to produce it. Here are 6 tricks we recommend to pick a winner. 1. Portfolio. It’s wise to check if there is a well stacked portfolio. This proves the business has done similar work. It’s good to check if the quality is similar to what you’re used to when you watch quality content on TV. If the portfolio shows you broadcast content, then you know this producer can produce a professional video animation for you. 2. Team. Who’s … Read More