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What makes a good marketing video production?

We can’t give you a one-size-fits-all answer and video producers who pretend they can might be taking a little risk. The answer is different for every business. A good marketing video production brings out something unique, and therefore can’t be cloned, templates or copied.

All Right. Show Me The Goods.

This marketing video is one of our favourites because…it’s them. When we watch this video, it really shows our customer just the way we got to know them. Giving you and your brand that unique voice, using the full spectrum of video to create authentic content, is what we love.

As a creative 3D agency, they needed that little “oomph”. And they had told us – and demonstrated – that they are a bunch of sociable, friendly, and approachable people. So when we started working on their own marketing video, we wanted to bring in a bit of that cheeky energy from the start.

Did You Want Oompf With That?

This is a question I love bringing up with any prospect who walks in for a marketing video production: how much of your own unique personality do you want in there.  The representative of a large corporation would then either tell me this is irrelevant, go blank or surprise me with a unique take on their own division within the business.  Small businesses have more freedom to be expressive. So when Blank Canvas told us they wanted to be seen as sociable, friendly and approachable, we started story-boarding this video.

The elephant in the room is the fear you may have to come up with something unconventional. In my over 25 years in media I have rarely seen anyone being rewarded for choosing a dull, grey and personality-lacking approach to media content. And we all know examples of flamboyant personalities who get rewarded on a daily basis for just being unique, colourful and expressive. Ask yourselfL: what do you want for your marketing video?  A couple of shades of that same grey (no pun intended) or something really colourful?

It Started With A Conversation

So if you want your business to shine in video just like the guys at Blank Canvas, please get in touch and plan a meeting with the team!

Els Van de Veire

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Els Van de Veire

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