5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming

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With these 5 Simple Tips for DIY Smartphone Filming you’ll learn to shoot like a semi-pro.

1. Hold the camera horizontally

Fair enough, you hold your mobile in portrait mode to text, share, read or email. Please remember that our desktop computers and TVs are 16:9 and are in landscape mode. So…always hold your device horizontally like a pro.

2. Use both hands to hold your smartphone

Shaky footage distracts the attention from the topic. And even though most devices have a stabiliser, we recommend you use both hands. It will make the footage slightly more stable. To get perfectly stable footage use a tripod adapter on your phone and a lightweight tripod. This also increases the resolution of your footage.

3. Shoot in aeroplane mode

This has nothing to do with interference and safety. It’s just because your built-in camera will stop recording when the phone rings.

4. Use the rear-facing camera

Most smartphones have both a front and rear-facing camera. The recording quality of these cameras is not always the same. The rear-facing camera on the iPhone 5 for example, shoots in High Definition whereas the front camera doesn’t.
So when you are shooting video on a smartphone, use the rear-facing camera.

5. Prepare before you start

When your video includes two people talking, make sure you position them in the frame before you start recording. The last thing you want is to focus on person A and then swing the camera to person B. Your audience will get dizzy and not get the message, so in that case we could say you didn’t really reach any audience at all.

Think well about these simple tips before you start producing any DIY content on your smartphone. Your audience will thank you for it.

Els Van de Veire

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