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The “school documentary” genre has grown into a mature component of any type of Education Marketing, since MultiMediaMakers Australia introduced the concept, based on television genres and marketing messages. What a school documentary does is populating your school’s YouTube and social media channels with professional content rather than user generated content.

Marketing the unique qualities of your School is a very balanced exercise. It’s still Marketing, and we all know we do a better job if we can stay clear of the “Me Too- We’re The Best” type of messages you come across in mass media.
This is where a school documentary uses a different conversation style with your community, compared to an ad. It tells an honest and authentic story, using video production in a different way compared to traditional advertisements.

School Documentary as a genre excels at showcasing real stories, with authentic documentary style content, is the approach Penrhos College and MultiMediaMakers have chosen to highlight the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The school documentary captures the enthusiasm and passion of students discussing their involvement with Space Camp, the Penrhos Profs @ Perkins project, or Junior School Robotics. Producing this video made us all agree that maths DID become cool at Penrhos!

The video is part of a Video Strategy for Penrhos College. MultiMediaMakers design customised strategies for Colleges and Schools, to engage with the community, boost Video Marketing and drive traffic to the website. The Penrhos College YouTube channel reaches over 40,000 viewers with regular professional video updates produced by MultiMediaMakers.

Els Van de Veire

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Els Van de Veire