How to write a great YouTube video description?

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How to write a great YouTube description?
YouTube video description

What is a great YouTube video description?

A great Youtube video description is a relevant description. People who see an exact match of their search query in your video’s description will immediately recognise the relevance and click through.


Technically YouTube allows approx. 5000 characters in the description field. That is a lot. Basically your YouTube video description should give your audience a detailed overview of what your video is about. It goes without saying that your keywords* should be included. Similar to your video title, they should appear at the beginning of the description. We recommend to use at least 250-500 characters to describe your video.

1. Above the fold.
YouTube will only show the first 150 characters of your description in its snippets. The first 150 characters need to be engaging, informative and your keywords need to be included.

2. Below the fold
Now you have captured your viewer’s attention, so it’s time to give your audience extra information. Here you can use another 300-400 words.

Use “How to”, “Learn how” and “What is”

These words provide “information” to the viewer. YouTube cannot extract information from the video itself. Therefore it relies on the information you are providing.

The more information you disclose the better. Your video is now more likely to be included in a search and to show up in the search results.

Add relevant links

Add relevant links to your brand: your website, your facebook, twitter etc.

Add call to action

No matter what your video is about, it’s likely you will have a call to action. Do you want you raudience to watch other videos? Do you want them to subscribe? Give them a free download? Sign up to your newsletter? Connect with you on social media? Whatever it is, add your links or call to actions in the description field.

Name and location

Always include your personal name or company name and your location.


We already mentioned how important your keywords are. In a previous blog article we wrote about writing YouTube video titles. The keywords used to craft your YouTube video title should come back in your description.

Goodgle Adwords’ Keyword Planner Tool will help you to identify which keywords are popular.

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