Video email: don’t embed video in your email

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Sending and receiving video email seems like a simple and a pretty good idea, right? You may be tempted to think that embedding a video in an email is the next great idea.
This is why, from a marketing perspective, we believe it’s not.

Views? Or shares?

When you go through great lengths to produce a video that tells your important story, you probably hope for a large audience. In your mind’s eye, the whole universe watches and shares your video and overnight, thousands of people get inspired by your video. In the back of your mind you also wonder how you can grow your database, increase engagement and hook your audience forever. Yet, if your video will be watched directly in the email client, it’s not really out there in the public space. So you’re after views, and even more, after shares.


When you share your content by putting it on a web page, people can link to it and share it with their network. And once you put the video on a web page, this is where the magic starts. Because all of a sudden, your website becomes a library full of resources and interesting Google friendly content. Your audience has an extra reason to revisit your website, and because the content is video, they now have a reason to hang around for longer. Google itself detects all this high value content and your search engine optimisation or SEO gets a massive boost.

Example of Video Email done well

For our customer Burswood Health, we create weekly video email messages. This chiropractic clinic in Perth (known for their excellent back pain treatments) sends out a weekly video email to their patients, giving them a quick tip to prevent back pain. We could have easily embedded the video in the email. Instead we embedded a thumbnail of the video, linking to a landing page on their website. When the receiver has watched the video, they are now more likely to click through to another page on the website, because they are already on it. And week after week, the library of SEO friendly video objects on the Burswood Health website grows and keeps driving traffic to the site.

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Els Van de Veire