How to choose an Explainer Video company?

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So you’re after an explainer video, to promote your services or products? You may find it challenging to identify the best company to produce it. Here are 6 tricks we recommend to pick a winner.

1. Portfolio.

It’s wise to check if there is a well stacked portfolio. This proves the business has done similar work. It’s good to check if the quality is similar to what you’re used to when you watch quality content on TV. If the portfolio shows you broadcast content, then you know this producer can produce a professional video animation for you.

2. Team.

Who’s actually making your explainer video? Is it a fulltime employee and team member of this business, a randomly selected freelancer or an overseas subcontractor? Boldly ask the question. An explainer video that is made 100% in house, gives you more control. You’ll have a far more transparent production process and you’ll have a bigger say about the end result.

3. Local.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to explain things in person, go for a local company. This allows you to have quick meetings and previews, to make sure your production team fully understands your brand. Getting to know the people makes a massive difference in both directions.

4. Level of experience.

How experienced is the company? And how experienced are the people? It takes a lot of practice to make great video animations. So the more explainer videos a company has produced, the better. If they meet your standards, that is.

5. Clients.

Check out the clients. Who has the production company worked for in the past? Have they worked for big brands? If the answer is yes, it means large companies have trusted them and booked results.

6. Custom design.

If you want a quick, cheap video animation, maybe a template style explainer video might be what you’re after. But if you want something unique, you don’t want to work with a producer who just copies the same templates over and over again. Go for “unique” and you’ll see that your brand will stand out.

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Els Van de Veire

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Els Van de Veire