How to write a great YouTube video title?

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How to write a great YouTube title?

Writing a YouTube video title is basically the first thing you do once you have uploaded your video. Just like an effective newspaper headline, your YouTube video title needs to be attractive for your viewers. So what is a great title?

YouTube video title

Include your keywords

Keywords are essential if you want to attract more viewers. As I was writing a YouTube strategy for 1 of Perth’s top private Colleges, I advised the School to adjust their titles including their top keywords. For example, if you know your audience is looking for “Top schools in Perth”, then focus on these keywords. The first words of your YouTube video title are the most important ones.

Do: Top schools in Perth: a student’s story from [name college]Don't: Danny's story from Y1 to Y12

Keyword Planner

Use the keyword planner tool in Google Adwords to look for popular keyword phrases. Focus on those that are most popular. For example, when I was using the keyword planner for our client, “Top schools in Perth” is more popular than “Best school in Perth”. Exact matches to search terms yield excellent search results.

Include – your – keywords

“You already said that.” Yes, I did, and I will repeat it. Writing a YouTube video title is the most important thing in order to attract viewers. If you want to be found, you need to make sure your keywords are included.

Keep it under 56 characters

Google cuts off page titles around the 66 character mark. Since all videos on YT have “YouTube” at the start, you only have 56 characters left.

Your YouTube Description is important as well. Needless to say that the same keywords should appear both in your description and in your tags.

In our next blog article we will cover this topic in more detail.

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