Why Robin Wright is more than just a multi-skilled pretty face.

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robin wright

Let’s talk about multi-skilled talents today. If you’re into Netflix content and TV series, you may have noticed that Robin Wright is very multi-skilled and a really well respected actress. But that’s not the point of today’s post. What caught the attention of our team was her role as a Director. Can an Actress also be a Director or an episode? Well, no research has been done into the measurable impact on quality, now that Actors become Directors in big Netflix series like “House of Cards” or “Lillyhammer”, in which Steven Van Zandt not only grabbed titles for Actor, Director, … Read More

Induction Videos: Ideas. Stories. Impact.

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induction video production

Induction Videos are a key asset for your HR team to tell the same story to new staff over and over again without having to set up a real-time presentation with your key managers. In other words: the comfort of just hitting the play button is one of the biggest advantages of using video for your staff inductions. But there’s more: 1. Ideas: Induction Videos don’t have to be boring. When an induction video is all about motivating and inspiring your newly hired staff member, you might want to have a video produced that really touches the hearts. Or, to … Read More

Induction Video: Where to start?

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Induction Video Production Perth

An induction video is a great tool for your HR department. It saves time and money and creates connection between your new team members and the organisation. When you welcome new team members, you want them to get up to speed as soon as possible. And as an HR Manager you will know that it’s not just about procedures and policies. There’s also your company culture, the team spirit and the heart and soul of your business. Induction Video reinvented At MultiMediaMakers we make Corporate Videos less Corporate…And that also applies to Induction Video content. We carefully balance information with … Read More

Perth Corporate Video Production Nurtures Excellence

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There are many things that can be said about the Perth corporate video production industry. But the part where we love to the mentioned is the bit about excellence. Over the last 12 months, MultiMediaMakers have raised the bar for corporate video production in Perth by going for more impact. So what gives you that extra bit of impact? Think Visuals. Videos that tell a visual story will hook your audience much better than videos full of long winded speeches and monologues. So for Catalano we visualised the process of data gathering, used to monitor alertness with drivers in Western Australia. … Read More

Making Corporate Videos Less Corporate. Excuse me?

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Corporate Video Production Perth

  While we were having champas over our new tag line you may have frowned for a split second. For once we won’t explain it with a video. What’s wrong with corporate videos? Haha! We would be in the wrong place to criticise corporate videos, wouldn’t we? Over the last 5 years we have enjoyed adding a new flavour to the world of showreels and old school corporate movies. Simply by throwing in our TV and news background, and by adding some new touches to the idea of a business video. So there’s nothing wrong with a corporate video. It’s … Read More

Perth Industrial Video Production

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perth industrial video production

In your search for cost-effective “Perth industrial video production” you may have come across many varieties of corporate video production. This is why we believe we can create results in your organisation, applying our award-winning workflow for industry video production. Perth industrial video production in brief Industrial video production is a special niche and requires your production team to fully understand your processes, company values and marketing messages. This is not something you would simply trust a videographer with. Our teams consist of experienced producers with an editorial and journalistic background. What that means to you is that your important … Read More

Testimonial Videos

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The use of testimonial videos for marketing is a modern version of the good old “word-of-mouth” principle in business. What you are doing is basically amplify the energy of a happy customer. Edith Cowan University wanted to reach international students and asked us to create powerful, dynamic and punchy student testimonial videos. The essence of producing powerful and cost-effective testimonial videos starts with a clear vision on storyboard and key messages. Testimonial videos can be produced in batch, organising a shoot around several of your happy customers, students, users or community members. We then consult you on casting a representative … Read More

Action Video Clips

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Production of Action Video Clips Perth

Action video clips are a very effective tool to get your message across. Sometimes the smart edit of video footage creates a much bigger impact than traditional corporate videos. That’s because as consumers of film, media content and video, we are used to seeing professional work on a daily basis. Consider the use of action video clips for your online marketing When you start putting together a plan for your online presence, video is a pivotal component. Not having content on YouTube means you may be missing out on conversations, on leads and valuable business deals. So when you first … Read More