Why Robin Wright is more than just a multi-skilled pretty face.

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robin wright

Let’s talk about multi-skilled talents today.
If you’re into Netflix content and TV series, you may have noticed that Robin Wright is very multi-skilled and a really well respected actress. But that’s not the point of today’s post. What caught the attention of our team was her role as a Director. Can an Actress also be a Director or an episode? Well, no research has been done into the measurable impact on quality, now that Actors become Directors in big Netflix series like “House of Cards” or “Lillyhammer”, in which Steven Van Zandt not only grabbed titles for Actor, Director, Script Writer, but also showed up as a Musician.

There is a parallel with our own corner of the industry. And please don’t get me wrong, we are not suggesting that your next corporate movie will have a production process like “House of Cards”.
Nor are we pretending that our work days are similar to Robin Wright’s days in production.

robin wright

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There is a parallel though. MultiMediaMakers is proud to have introduced the Video Journalist concept 12 years ago, on international projects all over the world. It’s a cost-effective way to look at video for the web, and it comes as an answer to modern market requirements.

What the multi-skilled approach means for your corporate videos

It boils down to redefining the purpose of a multimedia maker. He or she creates content for the web. And that doesn’t stop with the video. It requires the media talent to know how to story-board it before filming, how to add graphics, how to get it on YouTube, on a Wordpress website, and present in searches and on social media. The new generation of media talent doesn’t grab a union leaflet to restrict herself to just one core activity. Well in fact, in certain parts of the world they do, and competition radically punishes old school video production agencies for that habit.
The end result of a multi-skilled talent is a more integrated product. It’s the end of a totally uninformed technician who rocks up and presses the record button. It’s the start of an era where you can expect your producer to fully understand your business, your key messages, and your strategy. It’s an era where visuals, graphics, language, interviews, and online video clips, all become elements of a bigger picture.

What Robin Wright teaches us

Not a single moment, when I was watching Robin Wright in “House of Cards” did I spot quality loss in the way the episodes were directed. Not a single moment did I see failures in the way Claire Underwood was positioned and played by Robin Wright, because of the double responsibility. It is possible to sharpen the sword, and to combine skills and experience. And at MultiMediaMakers that’s exactly what we do every day and our customers are the ones to benefit from it. Not just when they check out their quotes and invoices. Particularly when they detect that a product, produced by a multi-skilled videographer who understands the story, creates more impact.

So just like Robin Wright is more than just a pretty face, MultiMediaMakers producers are so much more than multi-skilled camera-operators and editors. Which is why, when you get in touch, you’ll discover that we can help you reach your own niche business audience in style!

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