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The use of testimonial videos for marketing is a modern version of the good old “word-of-mouth” principle in business. What you are doing is basically amplify the energy of a happy customer.

Edith Cowan University wanted to reach international students and asked us to create powerful, dynamic and punchy student testimonial videos. The essence of producing powerful and cost-effective testimonial videos starts with a clear vision on storyboard and key messages.

Testimonial videos can be produced in batch, organising a shoot around several of your happy customers, students, users or community members. We then consult you on casting a representative variety of people, to reflect your ideal target audience. Testimonial videos work best when your prospects identify with the people you show in the videos.

It’s important to look at this type of marketing content as “content marketing”, not merely as a technical service aimed at capturing your testimonials in video. In other words, we add value by working with you on the key story-lines that drive your marketing message. And then we bring in our expertise to guide, support and direct your chosen “talent” so they can be portrayed in a relaxed way, delivering authentic testimonial content.

MultiMediaMakers applies over 25 years in broadcast media, and 10 years in online media, to focus on the people who appear in videos. It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities of video production, and thanks to our philosophy (Making Corporate Videos Less Corporate) we steer away from that pitfall. It’s all about the people in the video, and about how we can help you to connect with your target audience, real people who are interested in your organisation.

Inspired by this example? Get in touch and request a meeting with the team. We’d be happy to assist you in boosting your marketing.

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