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There are many things that can be said about the Perth corporate video production industry. But the part where we love to the mentioned is the bit about excellence. Over the last 12 months, MultiMediaMakers have raised the bar for corporate video production in Perth by going for more impact. So what gives you that extra bit of impact?

Think Visuals.
Videos that tell a visual story will hook your audience much better than videos full of long winded speeches and monologues. So for Catalano we visualised the process of data gathering, used to monitor alertness with drivers in Western Australia. The story of this pioneering project was covered in a journalistic way, and we didn’t treat it like an advertorial. The resulting credibility by far exceeds the impact of any other type of corporate video production.

Use Authenticity.
The second miracle component is authentic interview content. Give it a try and grab a bit of content on your smartphone, to experience how much is involved, in capturing it “right”. Our experienced directors/producers supported every single talent in this video – and mind you they are not professional actors – to talk about the topic from the heart.

Video Means Design.
In Perth corporate video production has been using the same recipe for years. Since MultiMediaMakers launched in 2010, enhanced video design has made its entry and it’s now very obvious that quality graphics are essential to tell a story in your corporate video. We use the latest design standards to add that extra layer of oomph, just like in this beautiful example. Not only our clients love it, but more importantly, our client’s audiences. And that’s what we call impact.

Enjoy the Catalano video and if you want to discuss your own Perth Corporate Video Production, please get in touch.


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