Induction Video: Where to start?

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Induction Video Production Perth

An induction video is a great tool for your HR department. It saves time and money and creates connection between your new team members and the organisation. When you welcome new team members, you want them to get up to speed as soon as possible. And as an HR Manager you will know that it’s not just about procedures and policies. There’s also your company culture, the team spirit and the heart and soul of your business.

Induction Video reinvented

At MultiMediaMakers we make Corporate Videos less Corporate…And that also applies to Induction Video content. We carefully balance information with “right brain” content. Because your new team member will only remember the video, if it really resonates with his or her values. MultiMediaMakers producers combine broadcast television skills, and over 25 years experience in the production of international broadcast and online content, to make every sequence count.

About our building blocks and their impact

We are very proud to master some of the most critical building blocks in video production. Script and story-board for starters.
Our consultants help you tease out key messages for your induction video, visualise and package them and convert them into a script. You now know that your resources are well spent and well used when you book a filming day.
We use “smart editing”, applying the story-telling formats used in documentary and current affairs programs on TV. Your induction video reaches out to people who are used to watch professional content. And would you agree that one of their first impressions with their new employer requires professionalism?

The Induction Video in action

This example video production shows you some of the building blocks in action. We create a friendly, relax atmosphere and use interview formats,piece-to-camera snippets and b-roll, consisting of different angles shot with a second camera. The overlay graphics and background music then add some extra packaging so the video creates maximum impact.


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