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Induction Videos are a key asset for your HR team to tell the same story to new staff over and over again without having to set up a real-time presentation with your key managers. In other words: the comfort of just hitting the play button is one of the biggest advantages of using video for your staff inductions. But there’s more:

1. Ideas: Induction Videos don’t have to be boring.

When an induction video is all about motivating and inspiring your newly hired staff member, you might want to have a video produced that really touches the hearts. Or, to use the vocabulary our creative team uses a lot when working out ideas: get a good balance of left and right brain content. Left brain content might contain information about history, values, divisions and products. Right brain content might show really authentic interview content with key stakeholders, existing staff or happy customers.

2. Stories: Humans relate to humans.

The more your video is built on generic footage, a clean voice over and factual information, the higher the risk of yawning, face-booking or other signs of boredom when you play this video to your new staff. In some cases it might even damage the newly created motivation of this staff member, especially if your video is old school. Stories, if possible relating to the bigger purpose (the why question) of your brand or your organisation, have the potential to create a connection because we all relate to the story of other human beings. So use the power of stories rather than an factoid-indigestion and make sure the videographers you work with have the right skills to make this happen.

3. Impact: Their eyes are tuned to quality.

Be aware that most people turn off their TV or switch channels if they feel content is poorly made. In your boardroom, on their first working day, you wouldn’t tell them to switch to 7Mate if the induction video is not meeting their expectations. But rest assured: their eyes are used to watching, choosing and comparing well made content. So no way you’ll get away with a poor induction video. And if you are really serious about having them walk the talk after having signed their contract…If you’re really serious about not wanting to change staff every 6 months…If you mean it when you say you’re a people business…Then make sure your induction video has some impact when you play it.

These videos could catalogue as Induction Videos (all produced in Perth) and they can be a nice starting point to discuss the story-board for your video production:

Catalano B&J

West Coast Energy

Trans Global Projects

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