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While we were having champas over our new tag line you may have frowned for a split second. For once we won’t explain it with a video.

What’s wrong with corporate videos?

Haha! We would be in the wrong place to criticise corporate videos, wouldn’t we? Over the last 5 years we have enjoyed adding a new flavour to the world of showreels and old school corporate movies. Simply by throwing in our TV and news background, and by adding some new touches to the idea of a business video. So there’s nothing wrong with a corporate video. It’s just that we sometimes feel we’ve redefined them.

Less Corporate?

Yes. That’s what we thrive on. We want your video to be about real people, not a dynamic version of your marketing plan. Oops. That hurt. Seriously. We capture real content, interviewing real people, not capturing spokespeople delivering their spiel. And the reason we know it works is because we have been practising elsewhere. Far away from the corporate playgrounds.

MultiMediaMakers uses exactly the same lingo and vernacular as TV News, Documentary or Current Affairs Programs. That’s the Secret. And now it’s in the open.

Changing the game of Marketing Videos and Training Videos

Video is about your audience. Whether you like it or not. The days when you could have yourself filmed enjoying a glass of champaign, in your colonial style boardroom…those days are over. People engage with people, and since we’re all sending videos to one another, we’re pretty used to authenticity without putting it out there as a big value. It’s just what we expect when we hit a play button.

With our journalistic approach we start with the receiver in mind. And that’s your customer. So the more we say no to corporate speak, the more we refuse to blindly produce a video version of your brochure, the more we’re helping you get your message across. Think about that the next time we come up with funny ideas for your next video. Yes! Making Corporate Videos Less Corporate. Only at MultiMediaMakers Perth!

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