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Get your message across by knowing it

The first highly important step when you embark on a video journey, producing any piece of “corporate video”, is to know your message. And that boils down to knowing who you are. As a brand, and as a team.


If your reaction to this is: “I’m just selling X and Y to people”, then that probably means there’s work in the know-thyself area. Once you know what your brand stands for, you’ll be in a better position to get your message across, whether it’s in video or just talking about your products or services.

The good old What’s In It For Me mantra still works. Whenever you talk about your business to anyone, imagine those 4 characters engraved on people’s forehead: WIFM, or What’s In It For Me? If you always start with that in mind, you won’t lose them.

2. Connect.
We all crave for connection and when you communicate using video, you are opening a channel that people know. When we watch a movie we expect to connect with the characters and with the story. If your movie doesn’t connect at all, you won’t get your message across.


Too much kills your video immediately. If you try and cram all available information in the video to please your department heads or bosses…your audience will disconnect.

Dry information has its place in this universe but films, videos, movies, clips, anything that is shown on a screen requires feeling and emotion to get your message across. Now that is a dry fact.

Grammar applies not only to the way we use words and sentences. It also applies to visual grammar, also called film grammar. Hire a technician and ask them to simply do a bit of videoing, and you’ll be surprised how bad grammar can turn your corporate video into a nightmare. And as we all know, if we don’t understand a person the connection is lost.

So if you can…avoid the connection-killers.


So what to do to really get your message across? Build a strong connection with your viewer so they relate to you. And going back to essential topics such as childhood, life, love, always works. Anything that makes business human again basically. That’s why we love…making corporate videos less corporate. This example isn’t even a corporate video but let’s inspect what happens in the emotional department when we watch this kind of content…and then learn from it for when we plan your corporate showreel.

So is that all there is, to get your message across in an effective way? In summary I would say that you need this nice little cocktail of talents around you to make it happen:

Journalism, Light, Sound, Videography, Editing, Graphics, Logistics, Interviewing Skills, Directing Skills, Audio and Music.

And then probably more importantly you and your team will need:

Imagination, Empathy, Creativity, Values, Connection, Awareness and Energy.

At MultiMediaMakers we are very passionate about getting messages across based on that holistic approach. Just take a look at our recent work and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


The best place to start is a place where they serve good coffee or tea. And this could be our office. What I mean by that is that to get your message across with a video, it all starts with a good conversation. So you get to know us, we get to know you and who knows – you get to know you.

Get in touch today and let’s talk about your video!

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