Video Suppliers: the ultimate checklist to choose and use them wisely

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video suppliers perth

Video Suppliers cover a whole range, from the talented DSLR owner working on school projects…all the way to the experienced cinematographer with 25 years experience. In between, videographers specialise in pure framing, light, journalism, speed, drone footage, sports coverage, documentary or fiction. On top of that, there’s personalities, attitudes and styles. So how do you, as a Marketing Director, make the right choice?

Why I believe video suppliers is not even the right term

A supplier, or a vendor, as some of the large corporates call anyone who does work for them, delivers a one-way movement of products or services. The supplier of my fridge has a big responsibility: my fridge better works as detailed in the sales brochure and the manual, or I start thinking about a refund. Fridges are great, not just for cooling our food, but because they are part of a great supplier/customer exchange with almost no grey areas.
With video though, it’s different. There’s no video without you, the customer. The Marketing Director, the Business Owner, the Business Development Manager. If you simply look for a supplier who can deliver a video for your business all by themselves…you might be looking for a while.

Why we wrote a checklist to use when using video suppliers

The checklist below will help you go over a few aspects before you choose or identify a supplier. Compared to the fridge analogy: you will at least know you’re after a fridge, not just after a random Harvey Norman product, when you enter the store. In our case, you will get clear on what exactly you need, why, and how you believe the co-production is going to work. Excuse me, did you just say “co-production”? I did.
The best videos are made as a co-production between a customer (you) and a video supplier (us or a competitor).

The Checklist.

There are many “howtos” and highly educational blogs about what seems like an accurate price for a corporate video, or about all the great things you can do with video on your websites and social media accounts. Today we focus on this very simple – but slightly controversial – checklist. We believe you better use it when considering your next video production.

1) Purpose
Why does your business need a video? Clearly state the context, objectives and purpose of the video. Marketing, business development, customer education, awareness, pitch to investors, website conversions, social media engagement…they’re all different purposes and they require different strategies.

2) ROI
What is the Return on Investment your organisation wants? When do you consider the money spent, money well spent? What change in sales results, website traffic, lead generation or other fields do you consider the threshold, to label this campaign as successful? This will define the budget you are willing and able to spend.

3) Scope
The budget will define the scope. With video, the sky is the limit. Scoping your project is about allocating resources to creative concept creation, filming and logistics, actors and props, and post-production aspects like editing, colour grading, music licenses, voice talents, motion graphics creation and contingency (your ticket to ask for another re-edit. And for another one).

4) Style
With video you are not buying…a fridge. It’s a succession of zillions of creative and intuitive choices. It’s a creative product. So the more you are clear about your brand’s style, tone, and about examples that you think would easily fit within the universe of your brand experience…the more you’ll be ready to be a well-informed co-producer.

5) Flow
How is this going to work? Will you sign the contract and take off to Bali? Or will you be on top of this project from start to finish? Will you take ownership or hide behind procedures? This makes a difference in the overall flow of a project. The more you prepare yourself and your team, the more value you will get in the end product.

video suppliers perth

We love this topic. We’re very passionate about the videos that were produced in the spirit of this checklist.
So come and talk to us, and let’s explore how your next idea for a video can turn into a highly effective co-production.

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