Kickstarter Video Production

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kickstarter video production Perth

A Kickstarter video production is a very particular genre and it is one of the most ROI oriented video formats we produce. The outcome you’re after is support on a platform like Kickstarter, and our goal is to support your pitch with a video that makes a difference. Typical ingredients of a Kickstarter video production The keys values when it comes to making a video for Kickstarter are: – Passion and Enthusiasm: we help your spokespeople perform and deliver with their greatest level of intention so the energy shines through the video – Clarity: our journalists help you create clear … Read More

School Marketing in the YouTube Age

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School Marketing

School Marketing is becoming a more and more competitive niche. With the pressure on Perth based private schools increasing after the decline of the mining boom. And also because online media keeps expanding. So where do you start, when you want to make your school’s marketing plan effective and competitive? School Marketing in the YouTube age evolves around using the most powerful online format: video. There are a number of ways to react to this evolution. Sticking our head in the sand is definitely not the most productive one. Asking the school’s IT-Manager to buy a video camera isn’t either. … Read More