Pitch video: Australian Success Story in Silicon Valley

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A pitch video is a very special genre. Unlike a traditional marketing video, you’re looking at a very small window of opportunity. A select group of people makes a couple of very important decisions after having spent 1.5 to 2 minutes watching your video. We’ll take you through those very important milestone moments, but let’s first watch this example. The Bankvault video just supported Perth based Bankvault Founder Graeme Speak, on his Silicon Valley Tour.
BankVault has won its category at the World Cup Tech Challenge in Silicon Valley, beating a range of start-ups from around the world. This is the MultiMediaMakers video they used:

Do they understand you?

The pitch itself is 5 minutes, so it really helps if you can build in a 90 second video that explains your concept really well. Video is particularly effective in this space because – if well made – it uses a variety of layers to get the message across.

Do they like you?

Video is also the perfect format to build rapport, to show some personality, and to bring in the human touch. The simple fact that people get to see the person behind the brand does miracles.

Do they believe you?

Again, this is where the multi-layered power of video boosts your credibility. Graphics, well chosen imagery and a solid story-board…create a good story! And if the story feels right, the whole brand does.

Do they trust you?

Ticking all of the above, and having a good product with a clear proposition, leads to an overall feeling of trust. So when the Australian anthem was played in Silicon Valley, and Bankvault founder Graeme Speak started his pitch, he know he had exactly the right tools in his pocket to win the Tech Challenge. And he did.

Graeme Speak is also the mentor who helped us set up MultiMediaMakers back in 2010 and we want to take the opportunity to congratulate him and wish him (and the whole Bankvault team) a future of global expansion with the innovative bank security product they have created.

What to remember for your own Pitch Video?

How does the video build trust? How does it help the viewer to get clear? Does it reflect your brand’s maturity and expertise? Is it well made and does it make the best use of every second?

Those are just a few “checklist questions” for your next pitch video. Please get in touch to discuss your own life-changing pitch video.

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