Videos for the web: 5 basic rules

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videos for the web

Videos for the web have been part of our business reality for more than a decade now, and yet, many Australian businesses still seem caught up in the phase labeled as “we should do video”.
That makes sense because only now do we see Digital Marketing slowly becoming part of the academic curriculum in our Universities. Maybe your beyond the “we should” phase already, and then these 5
basic rules for web videos will come in very handy.

1) Videos for the web: Keep them short and sweet

When asking for a quote, and considering a short…5 minute video, please be aware you’re wasting 60% of your budget.
Yes. You read that correctly. For most 5 minute videos, used for Marketing purposes and aimed at the general public, anything longer than
1.5 to 2 minutes is wasted. The attention span, measured by the big video platforms and entities, sits between 60 and 120 seconds for online marketing videos.

2) Think big

The exception is that quirky video you managed to produce on your iPhone. The wisest rule is to choose a format though, that doesn’t require your viewer to
stretch their imagination too much. In simple words: if your video is in line with formats used on TV, it will be understood. Simple editing rules,
the choice of frames in a sequence, it’s all basic film grammar and just like our grammar in spoken or written English, it matters.
Film grammar requires proper training and experience to apply it consistently. Just like you wouldn’t buy bricks and mortar and build a house without learning
how to do it…you wouldn’t trust anyone with a camera to visualise your brand and your business.

3) Think small

Although we’re all for broadcast standards, good light, good sound etc…We’re also real when we produce videos for the web. Small businesses don’t throw budgets at video the way Coca Cola does.
And when you hear the newest video guru go almost hysterical about the fact that you have to publish video regularly to keep YouTube, Google
and your prospects happy…that’s where the word video can make your Marketing Team hyperventilate. So think small. Not every video needs to be sent off to
Cannes to be nominated. You can make video really cost-effective by choosing partners with a smart workflow.

4) Be human

We love that one. Many video teams barge in and intimate the **** out of your team, right when you expect them to talk on camera and be inspiring.
Good video is based on a communication process and that starts in this area, whether your service is coaching or drilling. The end result of a video is
someone understanding what you want them to understand and feeling what you hope them to feel. So have real, human conversations about your video, instead of
focusing only on getting cheap technical jobs. You’ll see the impact of that choice in your business for years.

5) Videos for the Web: Be strategic

Video only works when part of a strategy. The more you look at Content Marketing strategies, the more you’ll learn that there’s more to it than just the video.
The video is surrounded by this entire web eco-system and you better look at the whole picture before you get carried away by just your video. Video SEO on YouTube,
using Video on Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook Video Ads…are just the tip of the iceberg. Having a clear view on your publishing and broadcasting strategy for the next
2 years is not such a crazy thing.

This clip is part of series we produce with Burswood Health in Perth. As part of their Digital Practice package for medical practices we use video as objects for
Video SEO, and to send them to their patient email database on a regular basis. This is a great example of using videos for the web differently and it works really well for their
marketing and patient acquisition.

If any of my 5 golden rules resonate…Please get in touch so we can start working on your video plans.

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