Video Production Service Perth

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video production service Perth

What to look for when you’re comparing video production agencies, or services, in Perth? When you are planning to have a video produced, it may feel like you have been asked to build a house. The similarities are there, because there’s variety in size, scope, quality, location, style and taste. So where do you start when you have been asked to identify a video producer, a videography service or an agency? The same applies by the way if you haven’t been asked to do so (by you boss) because you own your own business. Step 1: Be really clear about … Read More

Why a great director/interviewer makes the difference

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video director

If you are someone who is familiar with watching corporate videos or basically any video produced to promote or advertise a product, person or business – a building block which is always used is, of course, interview snippets. Why do we use interview snippets? Interview snippets build rapport and trust with your viewers. And we all know that the more rapport and trust you build with your viewers, the more likely they are to turn into potential clients or prospects. Now, keeping in mind how much impact having a video has for you or your business, do you understand why … Read More

MultiMediaMakers Perth: Global Award Winning Video Agency!

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With MultiMediaMakers Perth you are working with an award winning video agency, and your video meets global production standards. We already felt very proud of our recent corporate videos, animations and infographics, when early this month we received an Award that made us realise we have an awesome team of creative professionals here in Perth. Early August we were honoured to be ranked #4 in the list of Best Corporate Video Production firms, a global list, compiled by San Francisco based 10Best It came as a surprise, because, as Perthites do, we had been working hard without making a … Read More

Penrhos: School Documentary

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The “school documentary” genre has grown into a mature component of any type of Education Marketing, since MultiMediaMakers Australia introduced the concept, based on television genres and marketing messages. What a school documentary does is populating your school’s YouTube and social media channels with professional content rather than user generated content. Marketing the unique qualities of your School is a very balanced exercise. It’s still Marketing, and we all know we do a better job if we can stay clear of the “Me Too- We’re The Best” type of messages you come across in mass media. This is where a … Read More

The One-Shot-Video: 5 Tips to Surprise with Video

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Sometimes your video challenge is just that little bit different and then we thrive on making it work for you. Take this example, when a group of students was asked to come up with a one-shot video, for an assessment. What was being tested on their end was their ability to work together, to coordinate and to be creative with a small budget. We love the end result because it brings out the enthusiasm and energy of the group and the format would work really well to spice up an event or a function. In case you are presented with … Read More

How to get clear on your video production budget?

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So what’s your video production budget? What does a good video production budget look like anyway? Every now and then I get the Backburner email. It generally boils down to solid appreciation of the time spent together, followed by putting the entire video strategy on the back burner for reasons that range from too much work to not enough work to fund the strategy. If you are moving back and forth between building a solid online video strategy, and postponing the first step, then consider these 3 important key reasons why it’s worth reconsidering your plans: 1.Video extends the conversation. … Read More

Why Having A Video Strategy is Key

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In the old days of MultiMediaMakers (2005) the big debate was: “Do We Need A WebVideo?”. In those days, producing web video content in 5 continents with our then very young new business, I often felt I was a salesperson for YouTube, spreading the word about how this amazing new technology would put web video in everyone’s pocket, also when doing business. A decade later and we’ll all agree on the fact that we need video. Not just to watch a good movie at the end of the day, but mainly to get our messages across and to create exposure. … Read More

How to choose an Explainer Video company?

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So you’re after an explainer video, to promote your services or products? You may find it challenging to identify the best company to produce it. Here are 6 tricks we recommend to pick a winner. 1. Portfolio. It’s wise to check if there is a well stacked portfolio. This proves the business has done similar work. It’s good to check if the quality is similar to what you’re used to when you watch quality content on TV. If the portfolio shows you broadcast content, then you know this producer can produce a professional video animation for you. 2. Team. Who’s … Read More