Shoot your own video content using your iPhone

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At MultiMediaMakers we love making videos. And we love working with our customers to produce videos that create an impact. Some of our prospects can see that and simply haven’t secured the budget yet, to get started. Compare it with a burning desire to get into the property market, and being in a situation that forces you to rent. With video it’s a bit similar, so don’t panic! Here’s a list of tips and tricks, to get started Making Your Video on an iPhone. 1. Location A video may look amateurish simply because there’s not enough light. So when you … Read More

Ideal video length? What about it?

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We often get questions about the ideal video length. So here we go. There is no real golden rule for it, as every business and therefore every message for its target audience, is different. We are lucky to be able to tap into heaps of experience, so we know what works well. And the answer to that big question is simple: the shorter the better. This is the field of statistics and up-to-date research by Nielsen and YouTube, showing us exactly how our attention span for online video content keeps shortening. The next question that pops up: “What does short … Read More

5 ways to overcome camera shyness

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We video heaps of people. Some of them will deliver their message with full intention, without any hesitation. Other people need multiple takes, coffees and/or cupcakes to get their messages across. Now fortunately there are a couple of powerful tricks to overcome camera stress. This is what we tell our clients and how we coach them through the process. 1. It’s ok. It’s ok to feel nervous. You’re a spokesperson for your company, not a professional actor. If we start by accepting the fact that we are nervous and stressed about it, then we are no longer resisting it and … Read More

Another excellent video production we’re proud of

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Were you Googling for “excellent video production Perth”? Or were you after “cheap and average will do for me”? We’re often tempted to say we don’t do average, and it’s time to explain why we believe in our special value, excellent video production quality. When we catch a flight we would all agree on the importance of having only excellent engineers work on the plane we’re about to board. We would agree that excellent staff in air control towers would help us feel secure that day. So why is it that not all of us choose to portray their business … Read More

Filming on iPad: If Apple can do it…

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Filming on iPad has become a good alternative to filming on a smartphone. There are a few reasons why filming on iPad is actually not such a bad idea. Of course it’s no competition for video production services executed with broadcast quality equipment. This is a workflow you would develop for “user generated content”. Let’s say you’re a School Marketing Director and you want your students to bring you usable footage of this awesome school trip to Edinburgh. Filming on iPad then becomes a very clever way to gather content and to engage your students. Check this out: Apple has … Read More

5 reasons why nobody is watching your video content

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You have made a video, or had it made by a production company, and then you have published it to YouTube. But nobody is watching it… Does that sound familiar? Here are 5 common reasons why videos never reach any significant audience: 1. Where is your video? If you want people to watch your video, don’t hide it somewhere deep inside your website. When it’s on the front page, and then appears in a footer or a sidebar on any other page, there’s a much bigger chance of it being watched. Show it, don’t hide it. 2. No clicks on … Read More

How to optimise video for search engines?

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When you’re in Marketing or Management, you would probably know how essential SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is for your website. The same goes for video optimisation. If you want your videos to show up nicely in Google search results, there are a couple of tricks you can apply. The result: your video will be found and it will be shown with a nice, fancy thumbnail. Here are 6 tricks to optimise video for the search engines. 1. File name When saving your video, choose a keyword friendly file name. Let’s say you’re a juice bar in Perth. Save your … Read More

Video on Twitter

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So what’s all the fuss about Video On Twitter? Soon we will have forgotten this milestone. But 2015 was the year when Twitter (also) became a video platform. We used to know Twitter mainly as a social network for microblogging. That changed in 2015. After Twitter’s take-over of Vine, a “micro-video” company, the next logical step was to grow in the direction of video. Twitter has now taken it to the next level, by launching its own native video player, similar to YouTube. The below is what we wrote about Video on Twitter in early 2015: It now looks like … Read More

Online Video Marketing Trends for 2015-2016

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So what’s hot and sizzling in regards to effective online Video Marketing trends at the start of this new year? Here’s what I picked up from conversations with the team at the start of our new creative year: What online video marketing trends are worth taking into account? Get Professional Yes, it’s still ok to do your own videos and yes we all have HD cameras in iPhones. But with the explosion of online video content you’ll either upgrade your own skills to stand out and make really awesome home made videos. Or you’ll start to realise that if we … Read More

Perth Industrial Video Production

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perth industrial video production

In your search for cost-effective “Perth industrial video production” you may have come across many varieties of corporate video production. This is why we believe we can create results in your organisation, applying our award-winning workflow for industry video production. Perth industrial video production in brief Industrial video production is a special niche and requires your production team to fully understand your processes, company values and marketing messages. This is not something you would simply trust a videographer with. Our teams consist of experienced producers with an editorial and journalistic background. What that means to you is that your important … Read More