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So what’s all the fuss about Video On Twitter? Soon we will have forgotten this milestone. But 2015 was the year when Twitter (also) became a video platform.

We used to know Twitter mainly as a social network for microblogging. That changed in 2015. After Twitter’s take-over of Vine, a “micro-video” company, the next logical step was to grow in the direction of video. Twitter has now taken it to the next level, by launching its own native video player, similar to YouTube.

The below is what we wrote about Video on Twitter in early 2015:

It now looks like Twitter won’t allow videos from any other video hosting service (so no YouTube or Vimeo content!). On the new video driven Twitter, content will have a maximum length of 10 minutes, without really imposing a size limit. That might teach us that Twitter, in the field of video, wants to position itself as a quality channel. Users will be able to use customise thumbnails, to upload content from the new Twitter Video App, and to even record and edit directly on the platform.

Twitter’s goal? To have more users share and create videos on the platform, so people keep using Twitter and use Twitter even more regularly. Exciting times for Twitter and for all of us, because the roll-out is expected in the first half of 2015.

So where are we now with Video on Twitter?

By now Video on Twitter has become something very normal. This is where you can find the latest on resolutions and formats that work well.
At MultiMediaMakers we build strategies around the use of video for your organisation based on a combination of broadcast media logic (TV stations broadcasting content to a specific target audience) and social media. Our senior journalists write your editorial mission statement and then help you identify topics for videos that will create the highest impact with your target audiences. And when we have produced exactly the video content that will engage your audience, we structure your video on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube so everything works together smoothly.

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