How to optimise video for search engines?

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When you’re in Marketing or Management, you would probably know how essential SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is for your website. The same goes for video optimisation. If you want your videos to show up nicely in Google search results, there are a couple of tricks you can apply. The result: your video will be found and it will be shown with a nice, fancy thumbnail. Here are 6 tricks to optimise video for the search engines.

1. File name

When saving your video, choose a keyword friendly file name. Let’s say you’re a juice bar in Perth. Save your video as: juice-bar-Perth.mp4 (corporatevideo.mp4 = not keyword friendly unless you’re a corporate video production company like us)

2. Title

When uploading to YouTube, create an SEO optimised title by using relevant keywords. E.g. “Fresh, Organic Juices in Perth | Name of Your Juice Bar”

3. Description

First, add a link to your website, including the “http” at the start, so it becomes http://www.(name of your juice bar) Then include rich and relevant content that describes what the video is about.

4. Tags

Use the tags to add keywords relevant to your video. Tags should be 1-2 words, separated by a comma.

5. Categories

Choose a category group relevant to your business.

6. Visibility

Make sure your visibility is set to public. Otherwise no one will see your video.

By applying these simple best practices you will now increase the Return on Investment for your video and attract even more ideal clients who love doing business with you.

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