5 reasons why nobody is watching your video content

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You have made a video, or had it made by a production company, and then you have published it to YouTube. But nobody is watching it… Does that sound familiar? Here are 5 common reasons why videos never reach any significant audience:

1. Where is your video?

If you want people to watch your video, don’t hide it somewhere deep inside your website. When it’s on the front page, and then appears in a footer or a sidebar on any other page, there’s a much bigger chance of it being watched. Show it, don’t hide it.

2. No clicks on YouTube?

Just like any web content, video content works better when it is “optimised”. If your title is “Corporate Video” then chances are nobody will find it. Let’s say you’re a chiropractor in Perth. Who do you think would google “corporate video” to find your practice? Nobody will. And if they do, they would probably find the MultiMediaMakers website, not yours. So find out the dominating keywords for your business, and embed them in the YouTube title and the YouTube description fields.

3. What is the video about?

It makes a big difference if straight from the beginning your audience knows what this video will do for them. When I want to find out how to replace a marine battery, I’d rather not waste my time watching a clip on replacing a car battery. When you give a title to your video, be very specific and avoid being vague.

4. I want to sell – sell – sell!

Is your video screaming “buy me now”? If it’s all about your sales pitch and not really about the benefits and value for your audience, then you will chase people away. If the sales pitch is too much “in our face” then I’ll feel I’m being sold to, so I won’t experience the video as value and therefore might decide to not even bother watching it.

5. No promotion on social media.

If you have a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/LinkedIn page, share the video there. Write a blog article about it, include it in your email newsletter, add it to your email signature. Make sure people watch it.
Driving traffic to your video content is a key thing to do and if you ignore it you won’t reach as many people as you could.

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