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marketing videos for schools

Marketing Videos for schools are a unique genre. When it’s about our young ones’ education, we tend to be more alert, more focused and more critical, compared to when we assess marketing content about tyres, tomato sauce or cars.
Simply because the education of our children touches the essence of life. How does a school prepare them for life?


MultiMediaMakers: experts in marketing videos for schools

Since 2010, MultiMediaMakers Australia have been taking a different approach to this genre. The bottom line is, not to standardise the stories and to use the whole spectrum of video story-telling, depending on the video’s objectives. For example, this example is a typical flagship video. It’s the video sitting at the front of the school’s YouTube channel, and it’s often the first video prospective parents will click on.

The secret of effective school videos

Effective school marketing videos are part of a video strategy. Quite often, this strategy is designed as an appendix of the overall marketing strategy. And that’s where schools are missing out on the opportunity to excel in their online video presence. Video strategy requires much more than marketing consultancy. It needs journalism, story-telling capabilities, strategic business consultancy to link the stories to tangible business objectives, and seamless execution by qualified, well vetted and experienced professionals. In simple words: “doing a bit of video” won’t bring your school to the forefront of online video marketing and online presence.

Meet Penrhos College: the Dux of Online Video Marketing in Australia

When we started working with Penrhos College back in 2010, we co-designed the video strategy from scratch: clean new YouTube channel, clear objectives, editorial plan, strategic goal setting and a format that combined TV news journalism with marketing. The core of these videos often consists of short interview snippets, and sequences that are built just the way a TV news journalist would build a story. How we do it? MultiMediaMakers produces marketing videos for schools with this quite unique mindset: the videos require the same production quality as if we would be airing them on national TV. Simply because the audience doesn’t watch school videos with a higher tolerance for unprofessionalism. After all, every sign of unprofessional attitude towards, let’s say, using video, might subconsciously push us towards that other school in another suburb.

So if you, like Penrhos College, believe that it’s essential to have a spotless online video presence for your College, hit the contact button and let’s catch up for a chat.

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