Marketing Videos That Don’t Look Like Marketing Videos

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Is your team clear on what your marketing videos should look like? And are you clear on the difference between a TV commercial, a YouTube pre-roll ad, a promo video and an awareness video? At MultiMediaMakers we love to educate our clients on the correct use of video genres for the right purpose.

Why Marketing Videos Are Often Boring

The main reason why marketing videos are boring is the “me” component. When your video is all about you, and not about your target audience, they disconnect. Let’s say your organisation is a College. It would be tempting to copy/paste your marketing plan into a video script and to talk about all the beautiful things you have come up with, about your own organisation. The question is, what do I, as a prospective parent, care most about? Your marketing spin or my child?

When Marketing Videos Cut Through The Noise

Something amazing happens each time we apply our TV and broadcast experience to a marketing video. Information and feeling are key when we make a story, and we stay clear of sales messages that are too much “in your face”. This is why the videos are no longer seen as marketing videos. They are experienced as quality broadcast content, also because the storytelling format they use is the one used for documentary. This is when we truly connect with your audience, because we talk about them, not about you.

Hold On. This is getting complicated. I just Need A Video.

The reason our school marketing videos reach up to 10 times the audiences traditional school videos do on YouTube, is that we produce them to the highest production standards so they simply don’t look like traditional marketing videos. We work with authentic interview content and relevant overlay footage, high quality broadcast style graphics and most of all…a strong journalistic approach that makes your story more powerful.

Why This Matters To You.

Video is a simple process. It’s about connecting a sender and a receiver. If you “just make video” without mastering this communication process, chances are you will be happy mainly about the costs you are saving on professional work. The next phase will be regret because your competitor reaches 5 to 10 times more prospects than you do, just by having a consistent YouTube strategy. This is why I believe this matters to you.

And that’s also why I’m happy to provide a free workshop in your organisation to go over the mechanics of an effective Video Marketing Strategy. It’s not just about producing a bunch of marketing videos. It’s about developing and nurturing a vision and a strategy that give you real ROI without the BS.

Please get in touch to have a chat or to book a 60 minute workshop for you and your Marketing Team.

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