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Education Marketing is very different to other types of marketing, because of the strong emotional attachment we have when it’s about our kids. As a parent you don’t pick a school for your son or daughter with the same level of consideration you would apply to purchasing a new vacuum cleaner.

With that in mind, Marketing Directors in private or public schools know that you need a special approach for your education Marketing Campaigns.

Why we chose to specialise in video for Education Marketing

At MultiMediaMakers Perth, we build on over 20 years in broadcast journalism. And that makes us expert story-tellers to assess your key messages and design high impact videos on the stories that define your school.
Our own journey has been a transition between mass media and more “life-giving” topics. Topics of growth, excellence, achievement, wellbeing and resilience. That’s why, instead of producing documentary and current affairs content for major broadcast networks, we have started the work we are currently doing in education marketing. Because we’re good at it. And because we love it.

Do I really need video for my education marketing plan?

Unless you can afford to miss out on a few dozen prospects in your admissions scheme every year, the answer is yes. You need video to be heard (and seen) in the interesting game that comes with parents browsing the web to find a school.
The Perth reality means that prospects won’t physically drive around to check out every classroom in Western Australia. Sometimes because of the simple reason that they are still overseas when they are making the decision to move to Perth. So video gives you access to these prospects on their tablets, in a coffeeshop somewhere interstate or overseas. Two minutes is all it takes sometimes, to fall in love with a school’s values and vibe.

Giving an online video presence to Perth’s leading Schools and Colleges

When we produce for Penrhos College, the worlds of marketing and journalism simply converge. The core message in this example video links to the introduction of a new uniform. Our approach uses news style footage and interviews and the video reaches thousands of community members on the Penrhos College YouTube channel.

This video is part of a series of monthly videos for Penrhos. Since we launched the series in 2011, the College’s community has appreciated the benefits of this news format for online video, also because of the fast turnaround. The day after the event, the video is sent out to the entire community of students, staff members and teachers, parents and alumni.

Please check out some of our YouTube channels produced with Perth based schools:

Penrhos College
Perth College
Scotch College

If you want to bring your education marketing plan to the next level, let’s catch up for a chat about integrating Video and YouTube in your existing strategy.
Please get in touch to talk to one of our senior consultants.

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