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aerial footage production perth

Aerial footage production can increase the impact of your corporate video simply because it adds perspective. The bird’s eye view we get from a drone or a helicopter often adds drama and value.

Don’t overestimate aerial footage production

Quite often aerial imagery is seen as a nice-to-have extra. Because you can. Having produced hundreds of videos with and without aerial vision, I’d say it only deserves to be your priority in a few particular situations.
When your content specifically talks about the overview, the view from the air.
When your content is linked to geography, the bigger picture and situating places and buildings.
When you know that the extra level of drama and prestige will add to your communication process.

Why aerial footage production needs special attention

Unlike the video footage produced by a videographer or a camera crew at ground level, aerial video requires more resources, administration and coordination than any other type of video production. So it’s good to reflect about the impact you are after, and about the resources that will be required to insert 10 or 15 seconds of aerial impressions.
This might lead you back to the conclusion that aerials are nice-to-have. Not needed to get your message across.

Ok. I want it. What now?

If your production requires drone footage, or images taken from an aeroplane, a helicopter or a hot-air balloon,then let’s make it happen. We will take care of the coordination. Which type of footage do you need? What method guarantees the best outcomes? Which approach is most cost-effective?
We will provide an independent advice because we don’t have any interest selling you the helicopter, drone, balloon or any other type of solution. We start with the end result in mind, and that’s your video, not just this aerial footage.

Here’s a cool example. When Perth College celebrated its 110th anniversary, we combined aerial footage with a time lapse edit: a surprising and innovative way to build momentum in the run-up to the festivities.

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