School Videos Perth College: Big Shave

Els Van de VeireSchool Videos

School Videos have become an increasingly important marketing tool for Schools and Colleges in Australia. In Perth, MultiMediaMakers have launched a unique format merging TV News style video production, with a touch of marketing and a lot of authenticity.

This example is one of our flagship productions because it shows the power of journalism and the result of a seamless co-production with the Perth College Marketing Team. Much depends on the degree of creative freedom that is given to our journalists, when they cover a topic in a school environment.

When School Videos become small masterpieces, something big happens in a school community. It’s almost more powerful than a touching report on the TV News, because this is happening within a very close knit community of parents, students, teachers and staff.

Year 11 Boarder Georgina Roberts managed to raise $28,000 for the Leukemia Foundation, and convinced Principal Jenny Ethell to join her in having her hair shaved. This remarkable event didn’t go unnoticed as you will imagine.

The entire story is told in documentary format, and comes from the students and staff, not from a “corporate perspective”.

Els Van de Veire

Creative Director at MultiMediaMakers
Director/Owner, Creative Director, MultiMedia Designer, Journalist and Producer, Els builds on 20 years in broadcast and online media to make the most of every pixel and every second of compelling content.
Els Van de Veire