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square social media videos

Square Social Media Videos: video reinvented

With square social media videos you can create some serious business growth. How would you feel if one of your short videos reached 20,000 people in your local market, just in a couple of days? It’s one thing to publish a short video on social media. The big question is, how do you make sure it creates some impact?


Why square social media videos generate business

The use of mobile for digital content consumption keeps sky-rocketing as you can see in every new piece of Marketing Research. In a society where people overuse their right thumb to scroll through feeds whenever they have 2 minutes of time to kill, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, right?

It’s all about bringing your brand to the attention of your target audience. And attention is precious. So why not make it easy? Using a square 600×600 pixel format for video content makes it extremely mobile-friendly and Facebook research shows us that these videos actually generate more interaction and business impact.

All it is is tweaking the format (traditional, 16:9 video designed for cinema and TV) to the user experience (yes, we keep holding our smartphones in portrait mode and no one was able to convince us to rotate it 90 degrees whenever we were doing video).

So if you start publishing and re-publishing square videos you will benefit from higher levels of audience engagement, more leads, more conversions and…more business.

The MultiMediaMakers difference: think strategically about online video

Implementing 15 second teasers for your main video in this format, is just one example of how we approach online video with a fresh, strategic mind. Video is no longer a commodity you buy on the cheap. It’s a serious communication tool you can use to position your business at the forefront.

Choose to ignore it and you may find your competitors outperforming you in website bounce rates, Video SEO and overall conversions.

Get in touch for your video content. Whatever shape or format you like.

So if your brand can do with a little more oomph, please get in touch to discuss your awesome square and other videos

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