How to get clear on your video production budget?

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So what’s your video production budget? What does a good video production budget look like anyway?

Every now and then I get the Backburner email. It generally boils down to solid appreciation of the time spent together, followed by putting the entire video strategy on the back burner for reasons that range from too much work to not enough work to fund the strategy.

If you are moving back and forth between building a solid online video strategy, and postponing the first step, then consider these 3 important key reasons why it’s worth reconsidering your plans:

1.Video extends the conversation.

While video in itself does all the magical things it does – like engaging, sharing, educating, explaining or summarising – it does one critical thing for your website that no other tool or widget can do: It makes people stay longer.
While they watch the video, they are with your brand and not giving in to the urge of clicking away. Every second spent on your home page is a precious second spent with a prospect. And once that video is up there, it’s working for you so you are actively talking to new customers.

2. Video is like Real Estate.

When you are familiar with all aspects of life in Perth you’ll know the famous one-liner used by mortgage brokers, real estate agents and self-declared property advisors: :”The Sooner You Get Into The Market, The Better”. Well, it’s very similar for video. The longer your video has been in those Google indexes, the more it will start working for you as a search result.
This is exactly why your video strategy belongs at the top end of your priority list, not on the back burner side.

3. Your video production budget is all about having a plan.

It is a little more complicated than making a video and putting it online. A solid strategy will create a unique tone-of-voice for your company, in line with what your brand stands for. A series of videos gives you the same impact that broadcasters use when they go to air with weekly or even daily formats, forming and shaping the habits of the audience.
Imagine you could educate your target audiences and be seen as the ultimate expert in your area of expertise. Do you reckon that could make the sales process a little easier in the next phase?

I thought I’d throw in a cool recent production we completed for Chemform. Capturing their brand, highlighting customer benefits in a business-to-business communication, we chose to turn the company profile into a visual story that hooks you and gives you the essence in under 2 minutes.

I look forward to discussing your budget for video production and to taking it off the Backburner right now. Please get in touch to organise a free consult with one of our producers. If for now you want to take a look at some of our work you can also subscribe to our YouTube feed via this link.

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