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Video marketing really works! At the end of this article we’re giving you a unique opportunity: our End Of Financial Year Promo, allowing you to start the new financial year with more turnover, clients, students, patients or members (depending on the nature of your organisation).


First, let’s look at some straightforward research on Video Marketing

1. Companies using video marketing get 41% more web traffic from Google searches than businesses without video

The video on YouTube is spotted as relevant and useful content. So any page with a video on it is seen as more likely to be relevant and interesting. What does Google do? It ranks it higher, so we keep trusting Google as a search engine. What does this mean for you? With simple short videos on as many pages as you can, your website will rock!
Research: Aberdeen

2. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

This is where the magic of video comes in. Body language, tone, energy…it conveys so much more than the written word can ever contain. So we react more intensely to video than to copy. Which is why we’re tempted to “buy” more when there is video. Buying could mean choosing your brand, in any type of industry.

3. “How to” searches on YouTube are up 70% year over year.

Not relevant for you brand? Think about these examples:
How to find a good private school in Perth, Australia?
How to cure lower back pain?
How to grow carrots in WA?
If you are marketing a private school, a clinic or a fertiliser brand, this traffic will mean something to you and having the right “how to” video on your page will get you the business.
Research: Google

4. 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

Again, the magic of video. We feel the person. Smiles, hesitations. Natural tone-of-voice. Their real personality. It makes us think more positively about the brand, even if the video is totally authentic and not slick. A simple YouTube demonstration by an enthusiastic creator/inventor will do so much more than a heavily produced corporate video.
Research: eMarketer

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So there you are. The facts are here. The numbers are clear. And since we’re all doing our numbers at the start of a new financial year, MultiMediaMakers offers you a unique opportunity to get started. Without burning your entire Marketing budget, in a package that will allow you to feel the water and to start seeing some or all of the results described in the research above.

So check out the unique MultiMediaMakers EOFY offer here! It’s a really affordable, value-for-money package and I encourage you to try it out. After that you won’t need those external numbers and research any longer: you’ll have your own stats showing you that video works!

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