A smarter way to capture video at events

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To capture video at events has become quite accessible. Experts have flown in, and they are all in one place, so why not capture some of the valuable content and use it for your online marketing?
Until recently, the only approach was the “AV Approach”: you would ask your audiovisual supplier to install a camera and capture the entire seminar or the event. The pain? Days after the event, editors would still be milling away hours in the editing suite, assembling bits and pieces into a coherent story. Most probably it would require your presence as a customer, to oversee this process. By the time your edit would be finished, you would have lost momentum.
This video is a great example of how we do it, and it was produced at the Meeting for Minds event in Fremantle last Friday.

Choose content over technology

Our solution is to start with the end goal in mind. What would be a really useful “take away” result, after your event or seminar? We know that the attention span is 1 to 2 minutes for online video.
And we know that as a viewer, we want structure. A structure we are familiar with, is a TV News style summary. 90 to 120 seconds, a couple of brief interview snippets, a voice over and some visual sequences.
This is why MultiMediaMakers offers a smarter way to capture video at your event: we use a proven format, and it’s far more cost-effective than the “AV Approach”.

Why the News Format is more cost-effective way to capture video

The traditional model for video production is built on a variety of roles: a Camera Operator, a Director, a Journalist, and an Editor. Add the Motion Graphics Designer, the Sound Engineer and the Webmaster to the package and you’ll see why so many businesses refrain from having a video made at their event.
Imagine you would use a multimedia maker rather than having a busload of people lined up to produce your video. A solo Video Journalist who captures the essence at your event, and designs the story on-the-fly, so you can publish it within 12hrs after the event.

What’s the secret?

The recipe is a simple one. We combine two different worlds into something new. Every day, all over the world, TV News Journalists are producing up to 3 news videos per day at the highest professional standards. They know how to quickly analyse a story-line, and how to capture the right building blocks efficiently when attending an event. In this case for example, we quickly identified the Founder and the Former WA Minister for Health as key opinion leaders at the event. So we chose to interview them about their key messages.
As a news journalist, I have produced hundreds, if not thousands of national and international news reports in various languages. Building on that experience, connecting with people at all levels of society across cultures and industries, has given me an insight in the design of news driven stories. This is exactly what we apply in our “smart event package”, filmed and produced within a light-weight workflow. It can even be edited on site and published straight onto your social media feed before your event even finishes.

Contact the team to discuss your next Event Video, using Video Journalism for more impact and more credibility.

Check out our portfolio for more video genres and styles or contact the team to discuss your story-telling and event video needs.

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