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If you happen to be launching your own product, your own small business or brand, then you may have had a few conversations on the topic of animated videos, infographics or explainer videos. Some prefer to call them kickstarter videos, or pitch videos.
And quite often we’re talking about the same thing. Obviously you want a video that is worth sharing. A video that creates impact with your target audience surely. And, in an ideal world, an affordable production that boosts your brand presence and gives your brand an identity. Now the next element that becomes part of the conversation is budget. What are you willing and able to spend on your video animation? It’s one thing to google for “cheap explainer video production”. It’s a different story to carefully select a provider that will give you value for money, not cheap quality.
Having witnessed the disappointment of businesses who had chosen the path of cheap overseas subtracting, we knew we could do better when we created MultiMediaMakers 10 years ago. As a business founded and operated by senior broadcast media operators and consultants, we only apply the highest quality standards when it’s about your brand. Yes, we’ll always work with you to keep the project within scope so it’s affordable. And no, we won’t compete on price to then deliver sh** quality. That’s just who we are.


What production value are you looking for?

When organisations send me a brief, my first question is always about production value. So when you are organising a brief for your team, your boss or your division, it’s worth going over this important question before you start comparing quotes.
* Pre-Production: do you expect the team to bring in media knowledge, to assess the key messages and the target audience so every second of your animation tells the right story and represents your brand? Using video as a tool to communicate with your audience requires in-depth knowledge of visual grammar, and may require a balanced combination of left-brain and right-brain advice (the business stuff and the creative stuff). Pre-Production is also where your producer helps you define clear objectives and key deliverables for the project.
* Production: do you expect your team to think along throughout the production process? To go the extra mile producing a solution and a product that makes your brand stand out? In that case, you’ll probably want your provider to allocate key personnel that has more than just a few months experience. Production experience means more skills – just like the cliche story of the experienced plumber fixing your tap in 5 minutes because he has done thousands.
* Post-Production: do you want your explainer videos to pop? Do you want the audience to not just “get it”, but also to feel connected to your brand? There are a few ways to work together really well with experienced producers. If you have chosen a good partner to work with, you’ll quickly know that you can trust them to produce the video for you, without micromanaging them.
* Delivery: do you want just the MP4 file? Or do you want advice on how to get your explainer videos in front of the right audience? Video strategies are based on combining creative, editorial and digital techniques, to make sure your video really works for your organisation.
So once you are clear on the value you are after, then you are in a better position to define the budget that needs to be allocated to reach your objectives.


5 Tips and Tricks to use affordable explainer videos for marketing

* If you want to be cheap, go cheap. In all other situations, focus on the impact, the ROI, the value and the results before you define what you are going to spend on explainer videos.
* Think and feel. When you select a co-producer, make sure they share your values. You will be working together, creating together, not ordering a new fridge.
* Compare. Look at inspiring videos used by brands who are playing in your league. Discuss your inspiring videos with your producer and check their eyes. If they start sweating when you show the example, run.
* Inspect. Inspect if you are the right person to be the co-producer for this explainer video. If your role is Business Owner, Managing Director, proceed. If you are a junior Marketing Manager, ask for help.
* Enjoy. Making videos is serious business. Making videos is also serious fun. If you don’t feel it, take a few sickies and ask a colleague to manage the project for you.

The example videos in this article were all produced in the spirit of the above. Feels like a good match? Let’s dig deeper over a coffee and make it happen for your brand too!

A few more interesting explainer videos for you to watch:

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